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Belch Math v4.65


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Filename belchmath.zip (Download)
Title Belch Math v4.65
Description Belch Math v.4.65 is a math program which calculates the volumes of cubes,cylinders, spheres, rectangular prisms, pyramids, and cones. Belch also has a Pythagorean Theorem function for calculating a,b, or c when two are given and a slope function, for finding the slope of a line when given two points. Belch Math is brought to you by nKproductions. This new verson is much smaller than the original basic version and even fixes a couple mathamatical errors. It was created to look exactly like a basic program and be smaller in size. It does look exactly like a basic program even the menu system is the same. Menu86 found in the http://www.ticalc.org/pub/86/asm/routines/ folder was used to create the menus. It is very small and takes up hardly and bytes. BMP2ASM was also used to compress the pictures within the program and is an internal compressor thus another program is not needed. Lite 86 II was used to compress one of the three program, and saved many bytes as well. I tried using it to compress all three programs but there were complications. All in all this ASM version cut down the basic size by 33% or 2430 bytes! And everyone always said that assembly math would increase the size of your programs. If you have any questions al att about 86 assembly math, please e-mail me at moran@ticlac.org even if you are interested in porting yout 86 basic math program to assembly! I will be more than willing to help.
Author Morgan Davies (morgazum85@gmail.com)
Category TI-86 Assembly Source
File Size 87,902 bytes
File Date and Time Tue Dec 9 00:19:50 2003
Documentation Included? Yes



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Archive Contents
Name Size
Readme.txt   2780
BelchMath/Includes/BMP2ASM.asm   2553
BelchMath/Includes/LITE86.ASM   709
BelchMath/Includes/LITE86.C   7808
BelchMath/Includes/LITE86.DLL   49152
BelchMath/Includes/LITE86.EXE   38912
BelchMath/Includes/LITE86.TXT   3992
BelchMath/Includes/Menu86.asm   5346
BelchMath/Pics/Pic 1.png   470
BelchMath/Pics/Pic 2.png   986
BelchMath/Pics/Pic 3.png   1109
BelchMath/Pics/Pic 4.png   937
BelchMath/Pics/Pic 5.png   1183
BelchMath/Pics/Pic 6.png   1195
BelchMath/Pics/Pic 7.png   1058
BelchMath/Pics/Pic 9.png   470
BelchMath/Source/Belch.asm   11409
BelchMath/Source/Pythag.asm   18839
BelchMath/Source/Volume2.asm   28758

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