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Review by  
Reviewed on 2004-08-04
Afro Dance is a simple to learn, understand, and is overall a very funny game. If you are looking for a simple game to play (only to burn time) get this one. It has a very easy interface, and it seems to run very fast after a while.

Graphics: 9.5/10
Controls: 10/10
Replayability: 8.5/10
Overall: 8.5/10

Review by  Matt M
Reviewed on 2004-01-27
"Afro Dance" is a hilarious game. Many games have attempted to be humorous and have failed horribly. "Afro Dance" has succeeded above all of these to be one of the funniest games out there for your TI!

The graphics found in "Afro Dance" are very, very entertaining. The title screen and "game over" screen are really well done. The in-game graphics are also well done. However, after playing for awhile, seeing the same graphics again and again gets really old.

"Afro Man" is easy to play. It's not very challenging at all. All you have to do is hit the right arrow within a limited amount of time (which isn't very short) and you will get to the next level. As I said before, this game is funny . . . not hard.

Although fun to play a few times, this game gets old. I would play it a couple of times, and with the low amount of memory that it takes up, you may be tempted to keep this on your calc. If you have a Silver Edition, go for it. If not, delete this after awhile. It's really not worth playing more than a couple of times every now and then.

The controls to "Afro Man" are easy to understand and apply. The creator even added a help menu in case you can't figure the game out.

All in all, "Afro Man" is very amusing. It's not hard and it's not thought provoking, but it is pretty entertaining the first couple of times you play it.

I rate "Afro Man" a 6/10! :)

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