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Review by  Marty McNeal
Reviewed on 2004-12-22
Is “Integrated Desktop” just another space wasting file explorer? When I first started to download games for my TI-89, I could never figure out how to access all of them quickly. “PreOS” and other shells like it help to access files without typing them into the command line, but they only recognize some files. I still had to type in games like ''Command 2 Conquer". The file browsers that I saw, like "TICT Explorer," had tons of features that I didn't need, huge file sizes, and boring interfaces. I kept thinking, “Why doesn’t someone tap into the built-in apps desktop?” Then I found just that. “Integrated Desktop,” “I.D.” for short, has five glowing pros: file size, looks, customizability, glitch protection, and compatibility. It only has one con, a small built-in database.

“I.D.'s” file size is very tiny because it taps into the existing integrated desktop, hence the name. This program has one file for activation, one file to back up settings, and one database file of shortcuts. If your calculator never needs resetting (as if!), all three of these file can be deleted and the program still works.

“I.D.” looks a little like a computer desktop without a cursor. Each shortcut has a picture, a name, and a comment that appears at the top of the screen when it’s highlighted.

It allows the user to customize and name up to six categories. These are opened with keys [F3] through [F8], [F1] is the menu, and [F2] lists all available shortcuts. It’s like having six completely different desktops. Personally, I use one for tools, one for games, and one for spare shortcuts that I rarely use. A separate database editor is available for either PC or directly on the calculator. It makes and changes shortcuts. This is a useful feature if you have programs that aren't on the default database or if you just don't like the pictures and names that it uses. It's easy to draw new icons with a paint program; the guidelines are in the "readme."

The glitch protection that comes in “I.D.” will not protect anything on the calculator, but it is still very useful. It involves a built in shortcut called "Refresh Desktop." This program does two things when it is run. First, it does what it says. It refreshes the desktop, allowing any newly downloaded programs to be detected by the desktop and possibly cleaning the screen if a game screws it up. Secondly, it saves the category settings to the previously mentioned settings file. This means that they don't have to be painstakingly renamed and sorted after a crash and/or RAM reset.

“I.D.” is compatible with “PreOS” and “Super Start,” a program that allows .ppg compressed programs to run without separate .asm files. This means that any program can work from the integrated desktop. Some nostub programs that run with “Super Start,” however, work on the command line, but not in “I.D.” when a shell isn’t installed. I don’t know why; I am not a programmer. The trick I use is to install “PreOS” without the larger file “STDLIB.” This fixes the problem, uses very little memory, and adds a little crash protection. Version .69 is best because later versions don’t work without “STDLIB.” Beyond that, anything should work.

My only, and minimal, complaint is the lack of program shortcuts that come with the default icons file. I highly recommend that people submit their homemade “idicons” files to this site. It could even turn into an interesting icon art competition.

I hope that this review helps people to discover “Integrated Desktop” and clears up a little confusion caused by Olivier Armand’s English. I am extremely happy with “Integrated Desktop” and look forward to Olivier’s next work.

Review by  nelson sanchez
Reviewed on 2004-03-21
Thanks to this program now you are able to put any asm, ppg or basic file as an icon in the ASM 2.07+ apps desktop!, not only the boring apps but also games, math and misc programs, ALMOST ANYTHING CAN BE SHOWN AT THE APPS DESKTOP NOW!!, I think it's a really good program give it a try!!

Review by  W Hibdon
Reviewed on 2004-03-17
This is a wonderfully simple program that is a must for anyone with 2.08 (2.07 on the v200) or higher. It allows you to have all your games in the APP's desktop. Please, please, please!!!!! don't let the fact that you have to create your own icons discourage you from using this program. It is simple to create your own, and you can even have fun. This program is marvelous, and if you make icons for your games, people can use them instead. You folks don't know what you are missing!


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