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Review by  mini dude
Reviewed on 2007-11-30
This game is pretty interesting and seems like some of those other games on the internet where you try to stay aloft.

The tunnel you travel through gets smaller and smaller, forcing you to eventually die. The game is fun at first, but knowing you'll always at a certain point kind of ruins it.

The controls are okay, press up to go up. I thought it accelerated downwards a bit too fast and not upwards as fast. The acceleration where it stands in the same spot for a second and then starts moving downwards means that its hard to control, especially when the tunnel is really small and zigzags.

The game is awesome in your free time and challenging people, but I wouldn't count on playing it that long and still being interested.

Review by  Nick Taylor
Reviewed on 2006-08-24
The point of “Redoxx” is to keep your ship aloft while navigating up and down in a continuous narrowing cave. This is an excellent side-scroller game. The author really did a good job putting this game together. In the future, maybe a sequel with bonuses and power-ups would be nice, but this game satisfies the user's needs.

Graphics: 9/10 Your ship is a pi symbol, but it is the scrolling cave that gives this game a higher score.
Controls: 10/10 Hit one button – seems boring. Play the game - it isn’t boring.
Difficulty: 10/10 3 settings; Try to get over 2000 on the 3rd difficulty.
Size: 10/10 At 633 bytes of RAM or archive, this game is definitely worth keeping on your calculator.
Replay Value: 8.5/10 This game is good for quite a few runs. Good to play anytime.
Overall: 47.5/50

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