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Review by  David Tang
Reviewed on 2013-01-30
This was a pretty nice game, but it could use some improvements. I went around the house, inn, whatever it was, and went up. There were glitchy tiles, which included several characters and walls. I went right in the glitchy place, but the game crashed. As for the normal gameplay, the battle text gets repetitive, and as others have said, the "teleportation" is slow. It would also be helpful if I knew what the items did. Perhaps saying the controls in-game would be helpful too. The stairs and bridges are hard to walk on.

By the time I wrote this review, I see you already made a sequel (continuation?). If I mentioned things you already fixed, sorry for that.

Review by  Jeramy Harrison
Reviewed on 2005-11-25
“Verdante Forest” is a great game. There are only a few things that I think are wrong with this game. First, you have to press [ENTER] instead of [2nd] when progressing through dialogue. It's not bad, just annoying. Second, it's difficult to move around because bridges are too small, and it's too easy to run into trees and other objects. Last, the battle system needs improvement. HP, SP, spell cost, and level should always be visible; spell cost should be with spells. Oh, and Cronos' "teleport" during battle is way too slow.

Other than that, this game is great. Player sprites should be smaller (they’re as big as the trees!).

Review by  Kuro Ichigo Neko
Reviewed on 2005-09-19
“The Verdante Forest” is a pretty good RPG, but it won't last long on my calc. The most annoying bits are always having to read unnecessary dialogue like the "We serve Arkaine, hail, glory, etc." or "It's _____'s turn!!" each and every little battle you get into.

Another thing is how slowly “Crono” warps to the enemy and back. What also gets me is how hard it is to cross bridges, go up stairs, or anything else one tile big because your character must line up perfectly or it's as if there's a wall.

I feel the lack of a convenient window that tells you the difference between an unequipped item and the one you have would be nice. I know space is limited, but being able to see your health/energy at a glance in battle would be nice. Also, knowing the cost of spells would be great.

All that and a huge file size nests this RPG at a nice 2/10. The graphics aren't bad, and I can tell there was some effort put into this, but this is one of the worst RPG games I have played.

Review by  moses moses
Reviewed on 2005-05-11
Overall I found “Verdante Forest” to be a very good game. The graphics are excellent and very fast. I have two complaints, however.

First, there are several bugs. Sometimes when I would walk into some corner of the map, I would see strange symbols, and my calc would freeze. Then, when I exit Mirage, my memory menu was screwed up, and the game I was working on was deleted. Second, the collision detection kind of sucks. It can be difficult to walk in a forest or over a bridge.

But, it is a fun game. I give it 7/10.

Review by  David Boldin
Reviewed on 2005-02-13
“The Verdante Forest: Arkaine’s Arrival” is very well done. It's the only RPG small enough to fit on my non-silver 83+. The battle system is addictive, and is great to kill a few hours. My only complaints are that losing save data is too easy, I don't know of a way to protect your calc from losing save data if you have your RAM reset, which has happened to me a couple times from other games locking up. Also, sometimes it can be stubborn to quit out of. Aside from that, it's an excellent game, and I highly recommend it.

Review by  aaron barnhart
Reviewed on 2004-04-07
Wow, this is a wonderful RPG game! I have very few complaints, but here they are. One is that the character sprites are huge, and you will find that the screens are so small it has to load a new screen to walk on every few steps. Second, it’s kind of a slow moving game. Finally it takes up a lot of space on the calculator. However, if none of these things bother you, download it.

7/10 Not many RPGs on the calc.

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