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Midi68k v0.55


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Filename midi68k.zip (Download)
Title Midi68k v0.55
Description This is a DOS/console program that can convert simple MIDI files into .c files for use with TIGCC. The files are amazingly small! For example, see the "lostday" example. This file is more than 4 minutes long, and the executable is less than 6k! Midi68k can only be used on TYPE 0 (single track) MIDI files. Also, chords aren't really supported. This means that only one note can play at a time. This is because the calculator is monophonic. When Midi68k finds a chord, it skips all notes in it besides the first one. Also, there can't be more than one channel in the Type-0 file. Use TIGCC (http://tigcc.ticalc.org) to compile the resulting file into an .89z that can be sent to a calculator. Rests, tempo, time signature, and key signature are all supported. The source code is included and includes many comments. Thanks to François Leiber for the calculator sound code used, and Günter Nagler for Midi2txt, which converts MIDI files to a text format that Midi68k uses. Version v0.55 has updates to the calc sound code to make it compatible with VTI's sound feature.
Author Malcolm Smith (m@malcolm-s.net)
Category DOS Utilities
File Size 151,576 bytes
File Date and Time Tue Jul 23 15:16:23 2002
Documentation Included? Yes
Source Code Included? Yes


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Archive Contents
Name Size
midi68k/MIDI2TXT.DOC   9697
midi68k/examples/compile.txt   177
midi68k/examples/examples.bat   1811
midi68k/examples/game1/game1.c   5480
midi68k/examples/game1/Game1.mid   1563
midi68k/examples/game1/game1.tpr   309
midi68k/examples/game1/game1_note.txt   300
midi68k/examples/game1.89z   2133
midi68k/examples/game1.9xz   2133
midi68k/examples/game2/game2.c   9191
midi68k/examples/game2/Game2.mid   4443
midi68k/examples/game2/game2.tpr   309
midi68k/examples/game2/game2_note.txt   300
midi68k/examples/game2.89z   3561
midi68k/examples/game2.9xz   3561
midi68k/examples/lostday/lostday.c   16843
midi68k/examples/lostday/lostday.mid   10055
midi68k/examples/lostday/lostday.tpr   313
midi68k/examples/lostday/lostday_note.txt   363
midi68k/examples/lostday.89z   6349
midi68k/examples/lostday.9xz   6349
midi68k/examples/moon.89p   140
midi68k/examples/moon.9xp   140
midi68k/examples/moon1.89z   7949
midi68k/examples/moon1.9xz   7949
midi68k/examples/moon2.89z   2689
midi68k/examples/moon2.9xz   2689
midi68k/examples/moon3.89z   21809
midi68k/examples/moon3.9xz   21809
midi68k/examples/moonlite/moon1.c   19049
midi68k/examples/moonlite/moon1.mid   6776
midi68k/examples/moonlite/moon1.nwc   1493
midi68k/examples/moonlite/moon2.c   6957
midi68k/examples/moonlite/moon2.mid   4488
midi68k/examples/moonlite/moon2.nwc   1020
midi68k/examples/moonlite/moon3.c   50415
midi68k/examples/moonlite/moon3.mid   27580
midi68k/examples/moonlite/moon3.nwc   5502
midi68k/examples/moonlite/moonlite_info.txt   435
midi68k/examples/moonlite/text.bat   274
midi68k/examples/plasma/plasma.c   8553
midi68k/examples/plasma/plasma.mid   3702
midi68k/examples/plasma/plasma.tpr   308
midi68k/examples/plasma/plasma_note.txt   289
midi68k/examples/plasma.89z   3249
midi68k/examples/plasma.9xz   3249
midi68k/MIDI2TXT.EXE   44339
midi68k/midi68k.chm   22772
midi68k/Midi68k.dev   343
midi68k/Midi68k.exe   32985
midi68k/Midi68kmain.c   16321
midi68k/readme.txt   5006

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