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Review by  Jeremy DG
Reviewed on 2009-09-10
... Wow this game is amazing. It feels just like the NES version did. I downloaded this one a while back and it reset my ram (TI 84 plus silver ed.) and I wasn't too happy. I deleted some apps and things I never used and tried it again.

o.o WOW It's very fun, plays like the original, a definite TI download. (Have quite a bit of ram before you run the app)


Great job making the game. Best so far for my TI!

Review by  Ben Nagy
Reviewed on 2007-12-11
Bubble Bobble was an arcade game, a while back. The game play was simple: capture your enemies in a bubble, then pop it.

Now in black and white, Bubble Bobble is even better, since you might actually get to level 100 without paying $20 a go in quarters. It is a fun game just to pass around with friends to get the highscore, or play solo, to finally defeat the final boss.

I have not tested the link play. But, if it is as good as the rest of the game, it will make the game just that much better!

Speed: 10/10

Speed changes available.

Gameplay: 9/10

Simple but addicting

Replay: 10/10

It's an arcade game. It's made to be replayable!

Graphics: 10/10

Great graphics that load quickly.

Resources: 8/10

Not too bad for what you get.

Overall: 8/10

Great game!

Review by  John Carlson
Reviewed on 2006-07-13
It's been said before, but it cannot be said enough: Dwedit is a genius. This flawless port is a perfect showcase of the kinds of skills and talents he brings to the table. The game runs incredibly smoothly, and only encounters slowdown when a large number of objects are on the screen at the same time. It's also got something a lot of games these days, even for "next gen" systems, seem to lack: fun and replayability.

The controls are simple to understand, as is the general gameplay concept. The controls are also very responsive. The graphics are very well drawn. It's also remarkably stable. To date I've only had it crash on me once, which is a lot fewer times than I could report for many other games out there. And the bottom line for it is of course: it's bloody fun as hell!

The game takes 2 pages due to limitations of the APP format, which might be a hit on the non-silver calcs, but this again shows just how attentive Dwedit is. Instead of leaving much of the second page empty, he has filled it with another great game he made, Ice Climb (which is an extremely difficult puzzle game). Simply press I at the title screen to bring it up.

A true masterpiece.

Gameplay: 10/10
Replayability: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Fun Factor: 10/10
Stability: 10/10
Smoothness: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

Review by  erik t
Reviewed on 2006-07-09
“Bubble Bobble” is one of the best games ever made for calculators. It is fun, challenging, and doesn't take up much space on a calculator. You can play the game time after time, and it doesn't get boring. I recommend downloading this game if you're going on a long car trip, because it never gets old and takes a while to beat.

Review by  Jonathan Martin
Reviewed on 2005-11-27
This is a great game application. The graphics are good for a calc, and the features are pretty cool. I've gotten about halfway through the game, and it is still challenging. Since this game has highscores, it never gets boring to play, so it will last forever. You should really consider getting this application if you like to play high quality games. So try it!

Controls-10/10 Obvious
Memory-8/10 2-pg. app
Usage-10/10 Really fun
Overall-9/10 Get this now!

Review by  Brent Austgen
Reviewed on 2005-11-20
“Bubble Bobble” is definitely one of the best games out there for the TI-83/84 + and SE. Overall, the gameplay is fast, unless you shoot a lot of bubbles, or if there are a lot of enemies. There is enough variety, and the levels are increasingly harder as you advance. There are 100 levels (I have beaten all of them except the last) and this author deserves a pat on the back for his effort into the game.

Gameplay 10/10
Speed 9/10
Other 8/10 (link doesn't work)

Review by  moses moses
Reviewed on 2005-06-08
“Bubble Bobble” is an awesome game! Of all the games I've ever played, there is only one other game that I like more. The graphics are great and very fast, and the physics are just like the original. You can't go wrong with this game.

Problems: It reset my RAM once, and can slow down a little if there are a lot of enemies.

Rating: 9.5/10. Great game.

Review by  Justin Downs
Reviewed on 2005-03-16
10/10 Being one of the few who actually owned the original “Bubble Bobble” for DOS, this game is really a near-perfect clone of the game, save color and resolution. The enemies behave just the same as the original and the physics are identical. I hear that it locks up some calculators but my TI-83+ (not SE) hasn't crashed yet. Best game I've played for the platform.

Review by  Lyndon Zhang
Reviewed on 2004-10-23
“Bubble Bobble” is an excellent game for your TI-83+ (SE) and the TI-84+ (SE). “Bubble Bobble” features excellent graphics, a meaningful theme, fast frame rate, and a difficult but not too difficult difficulty level. In addition, you can play the challenging but meaningless game "Iceclimb" by pressing "I"!

However, the stability of this game is equivalent to zero. In the past two days, I have played this game teb times, and eight out of ten times the app has either shut down my calc (causing a RAM reset upon turning it back on) or froze (forcing me to pull my batteries, also causing a RAM reset.) While a RAM reset is no big deal (actually, RAM resets are no deal at all!), it does indicate the large instability of this game. From what I can see, how the game handles appvars is what kills it.

However, this game is still excellent, and I recommend that you download it. Just archive everything before playing!
Rating: 9/10

Review by  Chris Oliver
Reviewed on 2004-09-16
I have a TI-84+ SE and I put “Bubble Bobble” on my calculator. This is an awesome game with very fun game play, but be aware that this has crashed my calc several times and I don't exactly know why. Sometimes when I try to start a new game, it will just shut off my calc and then my RAM will get cleared. I don't know if it is just for the 84+ but this should be known to ALL 84+ users.

Otherwise, when I can play the game, I would give “Bubble Bobble” a:
Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Average: 9/10

This is a superbly made game! But be aware for crashes!

Review by  David Minch
Reviewed on 2004-09-14
“Bubble Bobble” is one of my favorite games for my TI-83 Plus SE. The graphics are great, the gameplay is smooth, and is great to play when waiting in math class. The only problem is that the link doesn’t work and that there are rare lockups that screw up my “MirageOS” sometimes. The lockups are infrequent, so it really isn't a big deal. From 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) I would give “Bubble Bobble” a 9.

Review by  Corlan McDonald
Reviewed on 2004-06-17
“Bubble Bobble” is a fun game, and gives you minutes and hours of worthwhile fun. This is a nice makeover for my 83+ SE gaming archive. I didn’t expect this to be a smash, but it seems that I was wrong. There are a lot of different types of play, and if you don't read the readme or didn't read everything, you’re in for a surprise. I didn’t think that the enemies could actually fire "stuff" at you. The power-ups are unique and great, making gameplay less repetitive.
Gameplay: 9/10, Replay Value: 9/10.
The graphics, are outstanding for a calculator game. The downside is that it is hard to notice the different enemies on your screen since all calculator games are pixilated. The thing is that this is a 95% Black layout, and with that nice touch of lighter shades of gray and white, its easy to spot things.
Graphics: 9/10
Overall: 9/10
Your in for a treat, 'nuff said. Download now!

Review by  Nathan Dykhuis
Reviewed on 2004-05-11
This is one of the best 83 games ever! “Bubble Bobble” is a great remake of the old arcade game. A tiny dragon traps enemies in bubbles and pops them. The controls are easy to learn and use, and the game is not hard to figure out. There are many levels, but not too many or too few. The game balances strategy and action perfectly. The speed settings keep the game from being too hard or easy. The only problems I've found with this game are the very rare lockups and that I can't seem to make the link function work. Otherwise, the game is relatively bug-free and provides hours of enjoyment. Go for it!

Review by  ____ ______
Reviewed on 2004-02-15
This game is the strangest for the TI-83+ out there. Though it has convenient controls, gameplay, speed, etc. as well as the chance to have two players, the game itself is very bad. The entire game consists of going to ledges and attempting to shoot monsters with bubbles. This already introduces a ridiculous plot.

If you overlook the plot of the game, it is easy to see that the only difference between the levels are the locations of the ledges. This creates an extremely redundant game.

With an absurd plot and great redundancy, this game may be one of the worst out there for the Ti-83+. I have never played the arcade game, but I have been convinced not to if I notice it somewhere.

However, as I said at the beginning, Bubble Bobble has great gameplay and must be complimented for having a two-player setting. These pluses allow me to give the game a rating of 5 out of 10.

Review by  Ken s
Reviewed on 2004-02-13
This is a great game. It is the only game that has a permanent place in my calculators memory. A near-perfect clone of the arcade version, this game sports all the features you would expect in a TI83+ game.

The gameplay is smooth, and, for the greater part, not too difficult. The speed controls are useful for beginers, and with ten different speeds, it is not hard to find a speed for anyone. The controls are very convenient, with the option of using either [up] or [alpha] to jump, with the "teacher keys" [math] and [clear] easily accessible. But the best thing about Bubble, is the link play option. This is the only co-op multiplayer game for any TI calculator to my knowledge.

The only problem I have found, is occasionally when run, it crashes, eracing the appvar. To get around this, unarchive the appvar, group it, then archive it again. Although it takes up 32k as an app, I recommend it to anyone who has a TI83+, and because of it, I would recommend anyone who doesn't to get one.

Overall, on a scale of 1 to 100, this deserves a 98

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