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Nuke War


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Filename nukew83p.zip (Download)
Title Nuke War
Description A two player turn based game utilizing sprites. Each player controls a country with even resources, such as money and nukes and spies and ABMs and buildings. There are nine building types in the game, each with a different purpose. The object is to destroy the enemy command bunker. Your enemy's territory remains hidden until you send spies to recon. The spies are also good for sending to destroy enemy missle sites and silos, as well as factories, and whatever structure you want to sabotage. The structures include:Nuke silos, ABM sites, warehouses, factories, spy centers, command bunkers, radar stations, cities and farms. The main object of the game is to research better weaponry through your cities and upgrade your spy skill, as well as launching nukes at your opponent, to destroy his structures.
Author Tim Callahan (oh_one_tim@hotmail.com)
Category TI-83/84 Plus BASIC Games (Role-playing)
File Size 22,047 bytes
File Date and Time Sat May 11 18:32:26 2002
Documentation Included? Yes



Review by  Trevin Murakami
Reviewed on 2004-12-03
“Nuke War” is a very innovative game. It plays along the lines of “Battleship,” but with some strategy engrained into it. It's a wonderful game, with pretty easy gameplay and pretty good graphics (I mean, how much can you expect from a bunch of black-and-white pixels?).

I felt that there were a few drawbacks to “Nuke War,” though. First, it takes a very long time to finally pummel your opponent. This isn't for the quick death matches between homework problems. Also, there were times I didn't want any graphics for the firing nukes part, and just wanted to see if I crushed my opponent. Finally, it took a little getting used to using the menus, so if you download “Nuke War,” take a little time to explore and read the directions or you will be lost!

Some points of the game were very fun and interesting, though. For example, a special system of espionage makes this game a real challenge, because even if you hit a target, your map doesn't show any changes! So, you may have just smashed their radar system, but you don't know until you use your spies to survey the land again. Also, this game walks a fine line of what's balanced or not, and for the most part the system is well done.

Overall, “Nuke War” is a very enjoyable game. For anyone who loves take-turn strategy, and a little luck, this is a must download for you.


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Archive Contents
Name Size
NUKE.8XP   10574
NUKECUR0.8XP   115
NUKECUR1.8XP   115
NUKEP1CG.8XP   158
NUKEP2CG.8XP   158
NUKEP89R.8XP   121
NUKEP89S.8XP   121
NUKEPLA1.8XP   100
NUKEPLA2.8XP   191
NUKEPLA3.8XP   195
NUKEPLA5.8XP   218
NUKEPLA6.8XP   199
NUKEPLA7.8XP   147
NUKEPLA8.8XP   147
NUKEPLA9.8XP   147
NWARABM2.8XP   608
PIC1.8XI   832
PIC2.8XI   832
PIC3.8XI   832
PIC4.8XI   832
PIC5.8XI   832
PIC6.8XI   832
PIC7.8XI   832
PIC8.8XI   832
PIC9.8XI   832
SABM.8XP   184
SABMS.8XP   181
SCNC.8XP   135
SFACT.8XP   218
SFARM.8XP   187
SNKE.8XP   159
SNSITE.8XP   169
SOCEAN.8XP   177
SRADAR.8XP   184
SSPYC.8XP   203
STECH.8XP   203
SWASTE.8XP   150
SWHSE.8XP   185
nukewar readme.txt   12040

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