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Review by  Dan E
Reviewed on 2006-11-14
"Program Tools 1.2" is one of the best programs I've ever used for my calculator! If you are a BASIC programmer and are pressed for space, this is the program for you! I'm making a GUI in TI-BASIC to run certain programs and do other tasks; this program lets me do it all with ease. Hats off to the author, and thank you!

Review by  Joshua Tsai
Reviewed on 2005-01-09
These are awesome ASM programs, especially Asm(prgm ZRUN)! This program comes in handy if you are creating a large multi-program game that takes up a lot of RAM, so ZRUN can run the subprogram archived. This even works for ASM programs, too! The only weird thing is that when I was making an RPG on my calculator, when I used my quit option, I got an ERR:SYNTAX for some reason. But still, the other programs are cool. PTOOLS is useful for archiving and unarchiving programs in the middle of a program, and you can delete a program without scrolling the whole MEM menu to. Overall, these programs are great!

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