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Review by  Kirk Meyer
Reviewed on 2004-11-02
Attention span: 6/10 Lacks a level editor and uses a repetative track.
Controls: 10/10 Good selections for the operations.
Implementation: 9/10 Awesome 3D graphics. A random track would be good.
Overall: 8/10 A game you will get tired of quickly.

Plain Jump is a game where you are a marble and must avoid falling off of the moving track. If you are familiar with SkyRoads for the computer, it is similar to that. You use the arrow keys to move left and right, accelerate, and stop. The 2nd key is used to jump. The game supports multiple levels, and five levels come with the game.

There is no level editor, and once the user gets bored with the five levels they will delete them. The repetative nature of the tracks means that the user gets bored rather quickly. The graphics, though, are great. I would recommend a random track option so that the users would be kept on their toes.

Review by  James Rubingh
Reviewed on 2004-11-01
"Plain Jump" was a fantastic game for the TI-85. One of the first games back in the 85 days to have graphics that made people, who weren't just calculator nerds, admire the power of the calculator.

This game, as many simple games do, becomes strangely addicting and was the single largest contributor to my failing 9th grade pre-calculus. You think I'm kidding, but just ask my teacher how many times he had to clear my memory because I'd show up every day with "Plane Jump" (way back in the day).

The 86 version has very little difference from the original 85 version, in fact the graphics may even be the exact same, it appears to use the same table for the perspective lines. In any case, this was the basis for the wonderful plain jump 2 which was a fantastic game for the 86.

Disregard the fact that it uses the wrong "plane" in the name ;)

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