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Review by  zach G
Reviewed on 2006-10-11
Very nice! Good port to the calculator. I wish there were more levels, though 40 is enough to keep me busy for a while. This game has intuitive controls and is very fast.

Review by  Brad Trevaskis
Reviewed on 2006-08-30
I feel "Rush Hour" is an awesome game. Easy controls. Easy enough to not discourage you, but difficult enough to keep you interested. And once you win the game, just wait about a month, load it again, and hey, you forgot all the solutions! You get to play again!

Replay-ability - 10/10 excellent! 40 levels and they just keep getting harder
Controls - 10/10 can't get much easier.
Graphics - 6/10 graphics are pretty simple, but that pulls away from the game. The original game was pretty simple by design.

Review by  Gordon Hodges
Reviewed on 2006-04-25
“Rush Hour” is another great game for MirageOS that falls into my Lunchbreak Favorites category.

The use of the arrow and [2nd] keys to navigate is easy to pick up on; the graphics are simple but well suited; the puzzles get harder without becoming impossible; and the 40 levels will keep you busy for awhile. As with my other break recommendations, you can alternate between working a level and scarfing down some lunch. That the game autosaves completed levels on exit and reboots them when run again pushes this into the "Best Of" category.

Graphics: 7/10
Lunchplay: 8/10
Day to day: 7/10 Replay value is moderate, levels are the same each time.

Review by  Clay Showalter
Reviewed on 2005-05-07
Graphics: 10/10 Simple, but exactly what they need to be
Playability: 10/10 Incredibly simple and wonderful controls
Everything Else: 10/10

It's exactly like the actual “Rush Hour” game, and very easy to use. If you like the original game, this is a must have.

Review by  Eric Wood
Reviewed on 2004-10-31
Rush hour is one of the best puzzle games I've ever played. There are over 40 levels of increasing hardness that will keep you busy for days on end. While it has minimal graphics, it makes up for it with simple controls that anyone can learn. I give this excellent game a 9/10.

Review by  Paul van Zon
Reviewed on 2004-05-22
“Rush Hour” is indeed based on a board game in which you have to move cars so that a differently looking car can get out of an enclosure.

Gameplay: 9/10. “Rush Hour” is easy to play, and keeps you hooked for a long time. The first few levels are easy to beat, but the levels after that are much harder (but also much more fun).

User-friendliness: 10/10. The controls in “Rush Hour” are so easy that everyone who knows how to operate a TI can play this game (And even if you don't, the controls are still very easy to learn).

Graphics: 5/10. The cars aren't more than white blocks, and the black car (The car you have to move out) is just the same, except that it is colored black. These graphics aren't very ugly, but they aren’t very beautiful. If you want an impression of the graphics, take a look at the screenshots.

Overall, I give “Rush Hour” an 8/10. It is a good game for any puzzle gamer, as well as a good game for killing time.

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