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Review by  Harrison Davis
Reviewed on 2019-04-30
Warning, if the screen glitches out in a sort of staircase pattern, you need to get the AlcdFix program an run it first. Took me a long while to find out what was wrong.

Overall, this program works and is quite impressive, considering Nintendo's comparable version on the Gameboy doesn't feel as close to the original as this.

Review by  Barry McNamara
Reviewed on 2012-09-19
Gameplay: 5/5

It's Mario on a calculator! Awesome!

Graphics: 5/5

Obviously not even close to the NES which already had bad graphics, but for the TI-84+ the graphics are about as good as it gets.

Controls: 4/5

Not perfect; they take some getting used to but they're not too bad that the game is unplayable or annoying. A couple jumps are hard to make but with practice you can do it.

Interface: 4/5

The interface on the game is flawless. The level editor is...well, a level editor.

Lasting Appeal: 4/5

It's a fun game and it will take a while to beat, but once you do it loses some appeal. Not a lot, but it's not nearly as exciting. You can always make more levels with the editor if you have time.

Average: 4.4/5

Overall: 5/5

This game is arguably the best game for the TI-83/84. I had played a different version of Mario before this one and let me tell you, this is the one to go for. The graphics are unexpectedly good and even the controls aren't too bad. The level editor is a nice bonus. A must-have for any Mario fan!

Note: I play this game on a TI-84+ using the most recent OS. Others have spoken of the split-screen glitch which I have never encountered but my friend did. I have the exact same OS as him. I am not sure what causes the glitch but I would say download this game anyways and pray for the best because it's amazing.

Review by  16 skittles
Reviewed on 2011-05-15
This is an excellent game, especially considering that this is a calculator. I own a TI-84 SE, and was discouraged at first by the tilted screen. I installed the LCD fix, and it works perfectly now! The screen discouraged me to play, and once this fixed it I finally got some levels! The LCD fix should probably be either included in the zip, or referenced in the readme.

On to the scores:

Graphics: 7/10

The one rough part I've found. The graphics themselves are great for B&W, but that means that enemies can sneak up on you, and that's a slight problem.

Levels: 9/10

Level editors are a bonus, meaning that players are not limited to the original package to play. When they want new stuff, they can just run the program. No need to download new levels.

Replay: 10/10

Come on, would you rather decode y=5a^2+8b^2-12c or play mario? Also, nobody's going to bother you about using your calc in study hall.

Overall: 8/10

The LCD was annoying, but I do realize that's not the author's fault. The only other problem I can see is the enemies. Possibly they could get a white outline?

Review by  Hans Jorgensen
Reviewed on 2010-01-13
Super Mario 1.2 is one of the BEST games to play on a TI-83+. It is perfect for both of those calculators, and has very intuitive gameplay. However, one of the biggest issues is with compatibility with the newer TI-84+ / SE. On the SE, although the game is still playable, the tiles are diagonally shifted up and wrap around to the bottom, making it very difficult to see enemies on the top row (aka instant death). Also, the level editor did not show up in Mirage OS at all, although I trust that it would work properly in Doors or Noshell.

Review by  andrew hudson
Reviewed on 2008-04-19
This is the best Super Mario for graphing calculators. It may not have fancy shmancy greyscale graphics, but it runs fast and brought me endless fun. I couldn't have gotten through 7th grade maths without it...

This game is a classic, and would make an excellent download for anyone!

Review by  Kevin Ouellet
Reviewed on 2007-09-18
This game is the best SMB [Super Mario Bros] clone avaliable for the TI-83+. Although it has some bugs that crash the calculator (mostly the level editor) you will still find enjoyment from it. I recommend it to anyone who wants a good game for their calculator.

Graphics: 9/10

Very good, altough sometimes Mario is hard to see on black backgrounds

Gameplay: 10/10

Very fast and very true to Mario, except how Mario keep jumping on turtle shells instead of kicking them like in the original Mario.

Controls: 9/10

A bit fast sometimes but very good

Replay value: 11/10

With the considerably growing level database on ticalc.org this game will always be enjoyable to replay again and again, especially since most level sets are good.

Overall: 9.75/10

It was my favourite calculator games in my high school days. I really recommend it!

Review by  Jon Young
Reviewed on 2007-06-23
This is the best game that exists for the TI-84 Plus And the TI-84 Plus Silver. Period. On the other calcs, it takes up far too much space but especially with the silver, it doesnt matter. It has crisp graphics and few glitches. External levels mean you won't get bored. As someone who has played 75+ calc games, I can say that this is my favorite and the one I keep coming back to.

Review by  Person Dude
Reviewed on 2006-06-29
“Super Mario 1.2” is an excellent remake of the original “Super Mario Bros”. I enjoy it a lot, except for world 2-2. There is some kind of glitch with a “Bowser”, who I conclude must have had a trillion Mountain Dews that morning. He flickers all over the screen, making this level almost impossible to beat. Otherwise, it is great so far.

Originality: 3/10 (Many Mario games out there)
Replayability: 9/10 (World 2-2)
Memory consumption: 10/10 (not a problem if run through “Mirage” or “Crunchy OS”)
Similarity: 10/10 (Best you can do with what you have)
Other: 10/10 (Two files, so you can try the last few worlds too)
Overall: 42/50 (Great)

Review by  Walker Argendeli
Reviewed on 2006-05-20
“Super Mario” is a great program. Before you invest your RAM in it, however, make sure you are aware of several things. To begin with, if you are transferring from a mac, neither “Mario” nor any “Mario” worlds will work; if you like having many worlds, be warned: scrolling down will not happen until 7 seconds after you press the button- and it only scrolls down by one world; also, there is a glitch in which sometimes, the stat bar on the right clones itself and the playing area condenses and becomes jagged; also, “Mario” and external worlds take up file space – do not use “Ion” to run this game; and lastly, sometimes, worlds will not appear in the list of worlds- to remedy this, make sure everything is archived and clear your RAM, and sometimes, “Mario” disappears from the Mirage OS list, in this case, you need to retransfer the files.

Mario does have bugs; however, I have made is sound much worse than it really is. In my opinion, the game makes up for this. First of all, it has all the enemies that you know and love; secondly, it has all the cool graphics, and the worlds look so similar to real “Mario” games. The game is very easy to use: [2nd] to jump, [ALPHA] to shoot fire, and arrows to move. Also, the final great aspect of this game is that it has a very intuitive and self explaining (almost) on-calc level editor! So, to wrap this all up, while this game does have bugs, it is a definite download! (Just check for updates)

Review by  Matthew Turnblom
Reviewed on 2006-02-28
I kept seein' all the new level sets gettin' added, but I didn't get 'round to gettin' the program until a little while ago. I was amazed. It was fast, easy to learn/use, yada yada yada - all that stuff that makes a good game. Anyway, the ratin':

Graphics: 10/10 (It's a calc)
Playability: 10/10 -allows for a wide range of difficulty
Usability: 10/10 -easy (does take a bit to learn what each enemy does, though)
Replay factor: 10/10 -can play it over and over
Overall: 10/10 -one of the greatest games ever

Review by  Robert Lamermayer
Reviewed on 2005-12-08
This game is an excellent clone of the NES versions of “Mario”. Almost all the enemies are there, installation's a breeze, and the controls are seamless.

The graphics are excellent - no issues here! Everything seems very well put together. People might complain about the 10k+ the program takes up in RAM. I don't see why, as I don't have a problem with it.

The level editor is great, just a few minor issues. As of now, I can't remember a single one. I'm having almost no problems making my own level set.

Graphics: 8.5/10
Usability: 9/10
Map editor: 8/10
Fun factor: 9.5/10
Overall: 9/10 – superb!

Review by  Jonathan Martin
Reviewed on 2005-09-20
This is an excellent Super Mario clone. It has all the extras like mushrooms, flowers, coins, and even Bowser bosses at the end. Of course you have to download levels too, but this is one of my favorite games. It even has a teacher key. “SM v1.2” is a definite download to pass time. It just makes sense to have it.

Controls: 8/10 easy to learn
Memory: 8/10 little big
Usage: 10/10 a classic
Overall: 9/10

Review by  Ren Ryuri
Reviewed on 2005-06-29
In “Super Mario v1.2,” all the blocks and enemies were made as close to perfection as possible. (It's on a TI. You can't expect too much.) However, there used to be a glitch with a donut - it wouldn't fall and then you'd be stuck on a level.

The visible characteristics, such as graphics and gameplay, are a lot better than the hidden one: memory. If you lack ROM, then Super Mario v1.2 will force you to keep garbage collecting every other time you play and putting it in RAM costs about half the memory. Overall, “Super Mario v1.2” is betst played on a superior calculator, such as the TI-83 Plus Silver.

Rating: 9/10

Review by  David Tao
Reviewed on 2004-08-03
After sifting through tons and tons of the lamest “Mario” games ever to enter into existence, my search can finally rest. With “Super Mario v1.2,” I have found the best “Super Mario”-like game in the entire cyberspace world. Fireballs can't kill “Bowser,” and there aren't any poison mushrooms, but that's okay. I'm sure that will all be implemented in some other version of this program. The on-calc level editor with “Mario” is pretty easy to use. The size of the program may be a complaint, but otherwise, this program is awesome!

Rating: 9.5/10 (Some issues with filesize).

Review by  Maarten Van den Broeck
Reviewed on 2004-06-28
I really “Super Mario!” In my class in Belgium, we play this game all the time and create our own levels. Everything about the game is perfect. Perhaps the amount of memory is a disadvantage, but further on, their isn't any lack of professionalism in this program. I also wanted to say that you can put “Super Mario” in a group (together with another file in RAM), and if your calc crashes, you can ungroup it and play it again without losing it! (That's a handy tip, invented by myself;-) ). I want to know if there will be any updates for this great game (new enemies and blocks, grayscale, sound, secret rooms, to name a few examples)!

Review by  Matt DiFrancesco
Reviewed on 2004-04-07
This “Mario” is the best game for the TI-83+ that I have come across. While its >10K file size is a drawback, deleting unused applications from the RAM can help you to find the space very quickly. The “Medit” program allows anyone to make their own levels, an added plus to the game if you have the space. The only problem I have come across with “Mario” is that there seem to be glitches in some of the worlds that causes the “Mario” program to unarchive (if it is archived) and to reset your RAM, thus losing “Mario” and any other unarchived stuff. But otherwise, a terrific clone of the original game, and I give it a rating overall of 9.5/10.

Review by  Chris Wall
Reviewed on 2004-04-06
Super Mario is one of the greatest games ever created for the TI-83+. I have had this game for over a year now, and it still keeps me entertained. The graphics and gameplay are sharp and smooth. With a level editor the possibilities are endless, and with the enormous collection of levels available at ticalc.org, Mario is one of the most entertaining and challenging programs around. Medit (The level editor) has some glitches that cause the RAM to clear and erase your game, but they can be avoided and are trivial.

My entire high school would agree with what I am saying. Mario has officially conquered it! There is at least one person playing this game in every class I am in (besides me). No TI-83+ is complete without this program! The favored level at our school is “City Jumper” by Uberugh. It is one of the most challenging and fun levels for Mario.

Mario scores a perfect 10/10. Incredible game. Download it if you haven’t already!

Review by  Matthew !
Reviewed on 2004-04-05
This is a great game, something for you to play when you are bored in class!

It has good graphics, gameplay, replayability, but this game's biggest downfall is it size. The game itself takes up 12260 blocks of RAM, and that’s without the level editor. Overall, if you have the RAM to spare, this is a really good game!

Review by  Wilbur Shirley
Reviewed on 2004-03-16
Mario v1.2 is probably the BEST game on the TI-83 Plus/Silver Edition. It is almost an exact replica of the Super Nintendo version. It has Giant Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, Life Mushrooms, and Invincibilities. As for enemies, it has almost all, including Bullet Bill, Bowser, and Koopa Troopas. It also includes a level editor in which you can make your own levels to run! There is an estimated 35 blocks, all of which are very good.

Overall Rating - 10/10

Graphics - 9.5/10

Gameplay - 10/10

Review by  aaron barnhart
Reviewed on 2004-02-21
Mario may be fun, but your Archive will pay the price. The engine for this game takes up 12000 blocks or so. The level editor takes up a few thousand itself, and so you get about 15,000 blocks with no levels or gameplay yet! Nextly when you make levels there are tons of glitches (I find myself getting a Thank you Mario your quest is over message in the middle of level 2 every time) on levels you make yourself. Third you can't use the wing powerup which I really loved in the Super Mario games.

Mario disappointed me but if you can live with it, it gets:


Review by  Rodney Blythe
Reviewed on 2004-02-08
Graphics-8/10 GREAT
Gameplay-9/10 SUPERB
Speed-9/10 SUPERB
This is a magnificent game that is an exact clone of the Nintendo game. It contains all of the same power ups including the mushroom and fire flower. All of the enemies from the original Nintendo version are in V.1.2. It runs very efficiently on both regular TI-83 plus's and TI-83 plus SE's. The graphics are as close to the Nintendo version as a TI-83 can get. There is also an added feature, the level editor, which allows the user to make their own levels with ease. It contains tons of graphical tiles to add a lot of variety. This game will keep you busy for as long as you play it.

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