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Review by  jj D
Reviewed on 2005-10-02
Overall Rating 9/10

When I first started up “Tankers”, I saw a bunch of “Zelda” sprites, but that isn't bad. The gameplay is very smooth.

But, there is one flaw I see. One is that if you get hit once you die. If they added something like a health bar or multiple lives, that would greatly make the game better. An improvement the creator can make is shooting multiple times quickly, not just waiting for the shot to go away.

Can't wait for future updates.

Review by  Jonathan Katz
Reviewed on 2004-04-07
Note! This review was written for a previous version of this file!

When I first saw "Tankers," my friend was looking at the screenshots over my shoulder and said "Hey, Zelda!" Well yes, "Tankers" uses the Zelda tiles from "Link's Awakening," (As it says in the “readme” file), but that only adds to the impressive graphics. On that note, the graphics are excellently done. The tank sprites look awesome, the game runs very smoothly, and with a map editor for Windows (http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/229/22993.html), you can create your own maps!

So, a little bit about gameplay. In single-player mode, you are pitted against a bunch of AI tanks in one of the various maps that you have downloaded to your calculator. The object of the game is to be the last tank standing once the smoke (figuratively) clears. You can move your tank around using the arrow keys, and you can use the [2nd] key to shoot bullets at any obstructions or enemies. You're only allowed to fire one bullet at a time, so if you push [2nd] while one of your bullets is in the air, the bullet resets itself back to where your tank is. There is also a "mini-map" that allows you to see where you are relative to the other tanks. In addition to a single-player mode, there is a multiplayer mode that allows you to play with someone else via a link cable. The maps for “Tankers” are only required to be on the calculator that’s hosting a multiplayer game, which is pretty nifty if you want to play on a map that someone else has.

"Tankers" is overall very fun, but there are a few areas where it can be improved. The big thing is that you only have one life to give for your tank, or in other words, if you get hit by another bullet, then it's "Game Over." This can get a little frustrating, for with about ten AI tanks running around, a small mistake can cause your game to end pretty quickly. What would be a nice addition would be some sort of health bar or health system, so that your tank (And most likely, the AI tanks) can take more than one shot, thus helping games to last longer. Building on that, another interesting feature would be having a "Mission Mode" of some sort. With the relative easy in creating maps for the game coupled with a life system, creating a guided story in "Tankers" would definitely add to it's playability.

Overall, "Tankers" is fun and has potential. I'm looking forward to future releases of this game!

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