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Review by  Martin Becket
Reviewed on 2005-07-05
A superb 8-level Super Mario Bros. Game for the TI-83

GRAPHICS: A This has much better graphics than the comparable versions. Almost like Nintendo.

GAMEPLAY: B It doesn't seem to have as much a variety of enemies and things. Its too bad it doesn't have an option of 2-players.

CONTROLS: B+ Almost perfect. Movement might be slightly sluggish, and there is less room to jump. It would work better if it were a scrollable screen or had a cutback in graphics.

You should try this game. It’s just like the Nintendo version.

Review by  Caleb Mayeux
Reviewed on 2004-09-09
“Super Mario v1.2” is an excellent game for your TI-83+(SE). The game is almost exactly like the original, including fireballs, becoming large and small, coins, the bonus finish, Bowser, and many more objects. It even comes with a level editor where you can make your own levels (although it is sometimes glitchy). The gameplay is also fast, with normal gravity, etc. “Super Mario v1.2” has a wide selection of levels available on this site, so it takes a long time for it to get old. This is one of the best games for TI-83+(SE) on this site. I strongly recommend downloading it.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Review by  Rodney Blythe
Reviewed on 2004-02-12
Graphics-8/10 GREAT
Gameplay-9/10 SUPERB
Speed-8/10 Great
NOTE: The only difference between this version and the 83+ version is the speed

This is a magnificent game that is an exact clone of the Nintendo game. It contains all of the same power ups including the mushroom and fire flower. All of the enemies from the original Nintendo version are in V.1.2. It runs very efficiently on both regular TI-83 plus's and TI-83 plus SE's. The graphics are as close to the Nintendo version as a TI-83 can get. There is also an added feature, the level editor, which allows the user to make their own levels with ease. It contains tons of graphical tiles to add a lot of variety. This game will keep you busy for as long as you play it.

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