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Review by  Andy H.
Reviewed on 2005-04-03
“Block Dude” is a great hit at my school. I still have fun playing it even though I have had it for a long time. The only thing I don't really like about it is that it ends to get a bit repetitive, but it is puzzle game so I will give it a break. It is truly one of the best TI games out there right now!

Overall score: 97/100

Review by  Steve Moog
Reviewed on 2004-03-25
A puzzler's dream...

First off, I just want to say that this game is great if you like puzzle games. I'm not much for one, but I do find this game enjoyable. I will review this game from a puzzler's view when it comes to fun factor.

Graphics: 8
Descent graphics for a game like this. They move along very fast also, which is great.

Controls: 8
Takes a little while to get used to, but they are great and very responsive.

Attention Span: 7
With so many levels, you won't get bored quickly, but once you play through it a few times, you lose interest because you know what to do every time.

Overall: 7
A decent game, but if you don't like puzzle games, you probably won't like this too much and if you do like puzzle games, you'll probably zip right through this game and get bored the second time through.

Review by  Rodney Blythe
Reviewed on 2004-03-17
Overall Rating-9/10 Superb
Gameplay-9/10 Superb
Graphics-8/10 Great
Speed-10/10 Outstanding
NOTE: The only difference between this version and the ION version is the shell compatibility.

Have you ever used the puzzle pack application for the 83 plus? This is an exact port of block dude within the puzzle pack. In this game you move a little person around the screen in order to get to the end of the level. You have to pick up, and strategically move blocks to get to the end of the level. The levels get very challenging, and with a password-type save function you can revisit your favorite levels and continue from any level.

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