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Review by  nick bugaev
Reviewed on 2009-12-26
Gameplay- Great multiplayer game that wasted many hours in my math class with my friend that could have been filled by taking notes. Many powerups and very smart level generator. 10/10

Memory- A hefty size but it is reasonable and the gameplay makes up for it. 8/10

Creativity- Man is used too much these days! Kids is way more creative for these kinds of games. Well done! 9/10

File- A very descriptive readme with an animated screenshot! Perfect job. 10/10

Graphics- Very detailed and no sign of slowing down! 10/10

Controls- User friendly programmable controls. 10/10

Overall- The truly most greatest mutliplayer game out there! 10/10


-TEACHER KEY!! I've been caught plenty times.

-Single player should be the first thing you think about adding when making mutliplayer games, it's just natural.

-Various blocks such as some that have to be hit more than once.

Review by  moses moses
Reviewed on 2005-06-08
“Bomberkids” is amazing!

This game has fast, fun gameplay; the graphics are decent, very fast, and the interface is intuitive.

Problems: It's a multiplayer-only game, and your calc freezes up if you pull the link cable too quickly (effectively, no “quick-exit teacher” key for you math-class gamers). But overall, I found this game a lot of fun. It rates a 4/5.

Review by  Joseph Roth
Reviewed on 2005-06-01
For a link game, “Bomberkids” is awesome. However, since the game is made solely for link play, its rating is smaller than expected.

Graphics: 9/10 - Nothing fancy, no grayscale (good thing because that would diminish speed), only two blocks, same characters. The game serves the purpose of creating a multiplayer link game; I don't care if it doesn't have state of the art fancy graphics. The only problem is that it is hard to tell characters apart at times.

Controls: 10/10 - I love being able to choose my controls. It allows for maximum optimization of “funness”, because I have everything the way I like it.

Storyline: 5/10 - Oh wait, what storyline? There is no one-player mode and the story can get boring after just killing someone. The only part of game that can be dramatically improved would be the creation of an AI and one-player storyline.

Linking: 10/10 - Never had a problem linking with this game. Other games crash the calcs and have to be started at exactly the same time. This is not true with “Bomberkids”. Every time I can link without worrying about backing up my programs or trying five times.

Replay: 9.5/10 - I play this game continually with my friends at school and I haven't been unhappy for the most part. I only wish I could play it by myself in English class lectures.

Overall: 9.5/10 - Go for it. Download this awesome game today before you waste your lifetime without the best multiplayer game ever written.

Review by  aaron barnhart
Reviewed on 2005-05-26
Looking for multiplayer action in a calculator game? “Bomberkids” is a multiplayer game that actually provides a decent experience, and for that I am thankful.

This game supports 4-person multiplayer (which, I believe, is the only ASM game out there that does at this time). The game can be played with up to 4 people using various arrangements of players and calcs.

The game takes place on one screen, which makes sense, considering that for 4 player matches you will have 2 on a screen. The blocks are randomly generated (or so they appear to be), but the unbreakable blocks are always in the same spots, one square in between each in all cardinal directions.

The graphics are short of phenomenal, but you'll get over that fairly quickly once you dive into the awesome experience of four-player “Bomberkids”.

If anything, this game is great with four, good with three, and okay with two. There is no single-player mode, so if you have no friends you have no need for this game.

“Bomberkids” gets a 4 out of 5 from me.

Review by  N G
Reviewed on 2005-03-15
Let me start by saying that many people don't seem to understand how good “Bomberkids” really is. First off, this is without any doubt the best multiplayer game for the TI-83+. This is the only game I've seen that can be played 4 players (2 people per calc, one playing upside down, it sounds confusing but works great).

Graphics: 10/10
Although slightly repetitive, calc graphics aren't usually complicated. These are easy to understand.

Controls: 10/10
Great! You can assign any button (except the [ON] button) to do anything. This is really cool and useful when playing 4-player.

Gamplay: 10/10
If you've ever played “Bomberman 2” for SNES, then this is not much different. Once again, a great multiplayer game.

Replay: 10/10
Never gets boring, if you have lots of others around to play with. Not a problem for me, since everyone at my school loves it.

Overall: 10/10
This is the best link play game for the calc. If you like multiplayer, get it. If you aren't around many calc nerds a lot, this one isn't for you. An update would be great.

Review by  Michael Hergenrader
Reviewed on 2004-11-01
“Bomberkids” is a multiplayer clone for the “Bomberman” series, and it does a fairly nice job of recreating the games from the “GameBoy” consoles.

Graphics: 5/10
Everyone loves to see the environment change, but it would help if there were more than just two kinds of tiles. Destructible and indestructible are the only two types included in the game, which isn't very impressive. “Bomberkids” presents a lack of cool sprites that could have been used; all of the characters in the game look exactly the same, which is a big disappointment.

Storyline: 2/10
A nice story to go along with this game would have been nice, but the lack of anything besides just killing the other player three times to win gets pretty old after a few games.

Features: 4/10
The graphics are the same every time, except for a random tile generator that puts tiles in different spots every time. There is absolutely no AI whatsoever, so if you like playing against AI, don't bother download this. If no other person is there to play with you, “Bomberkids” is pretty pointless and gets pretty old after awhile, making the replay value small. A feature that is good though is the well planned menu structure, and also the fact that you can customize your keys the way you want them!

Overall: 4/10 (not an average program)
This game was a pretty big disappointment considering what features could have (and should have) been added to the game. Some AI would have been nice for a cool single player mode, and that could have created somewhat of a storyline. New sprites and scenery would have been a lot cooler and more effective than just a random sprite tile generator which puts tiles in random spots each time. Speaking of which, the characters could have been designed with more originality than just being exactly the same thing (which I found a little confusing at first). The speed is pretty good for a game like this, and there are a few weapons that could be used, but more would have been better. A huge setback on this game is one weapon automatically makes it so the player with that item will win, because it picks up bombs and steals them from the other player, making it impossible to win with that kind of power. What a lot of people have also asked is "is the author going to create a level editor?" Anyway, great job on the uses of the calculator's functions, but it could be improved in the other areas as listed above. :)

Review by  Steve Moog
Reviewed on 2004-02-27
Graphics: 7/10

Pretty good for a Bomberman clone. Characters move smoothly enough and explosions go off without a hitch...

Controls: 7/10

Controls are good, but a little frustrating at times because of the speed of your character. Your character is not exactly slow, but he could be faster.

Attention Span: 7/10

This game is all about linkplay. If you don't have anyone to play this with, you won't play for long. There is no AI in the game, so you have to play with someone else. If you do though, it's lots of fun and sometimes comical watching you or your opponent get trapped by their own bombs.

Overall: 7/10

An overall descent game that can only be played 2-player. If you have someone to play with, this is a great game to play with them.

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