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Review by  Bradley Allen
Reviewed on 2005-08-03
As insanely awesome as the description of this program is, it is not for someone looking to kill some time playing a game, because that someone will be sorely disappointed. The greatest aspect of this program is its "bacteria-free mega-commented source code", which is useful to those who are trying to learn ASM, but unsure where to begin.

If you're looking for a game to play in math class, skip this and move on. If you're a newbie programmer trying to learn ASM, pick this one up.

Review by  michael knoop
Reviewed on 2004-08-21
This author did a great job "selling" his program to downloader. Heck, I had no interest in what the program did, even though it told me clear as day in the description. But all of those crazy, hyped-up words actually make you want to download the game, and give you the slightest sense of accomplishment once you find the secret key. I recommend this as a download, run once, and delete program; Unless you really do want to trick your dog, mailman, etc.

Review by  Brian Gordon
Reviewed on 2004-04-15
This "game" has got to be one of the lamest I have ever seen. The whole game is just to figure out which button exits the program. DO NOT LET THE DESCRIPTION DECIEVE YOU! Even if this was a challenge it would have no replay value at all. I didn’t think it was a challenge, so I felt this program was terrible in every way.

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