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Review by  dave k
Reviewed on 2022-01-04
Almost 20 years later and this is STILL my go-to for "Tetris" type games.

For me, there is no alternative to "Quadra" mode; How Teris Co. hasn't adopted recursive gravity as a standard available game mode after all these years is beyond my comprehension. The exhilaration of watching line clears over the normal four of Tetris cannot be overstated! It is so much more exciting and dynamic than Tetris gravity and affords gameplay where additional planning is rewarded by increasingly big scores, yet both immediate errors and long-term structural flaws can be overcome with creative dropping. And admittedly, some of the most enjoyable combos are in fact accidental!!

So here I am, almost 18 years after 0.9 was first released, still playing Queue on my trusty TI-89. I don't know if Mr. Hoffmann ever envisioned anyone would be playing his game persistently from their early 20s into their late 30s (and beyond I'm sure), but lucky for me his game has stood the test of time. Even the grayscale graphics have held up well, with minimal flicker under most conditions.

To be fair, since it never made it to 1.0, there are a few issues here and there. The most severe is a "FATAL: illegal-instruction" glitch that will eventually occur every time the user attempts to open the game (I've still have never pinned down the cause). This is fixed by a simple backup, wipe, and restore. Beyond that, nothing but the most minor of glitches, mostly (as mentioned) with mild grayscale flicker.

While I cannot confirm or dis-confirm that Queue's Quadra mode meets an exacting definition of "Quadra" per tournament standards, it is for me simply the best version of what is generally regarded as the "Tetris" format. Any Tetris fan still using a 68k-series calc for games who's never tried this one, it's simply a must!!

Review by  Dan Sandstrom
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 9/10 It's Tetris! Who can say no?
Controls: 10/10 Lets you jump right in.
Implementation: 8/10 No 2p mode but great otherwise.
Overall: 9/10 One word - Sweet.

Tetris. This name almost always guarantees a game success. But there are so many of them, you say? What to do? Throw in some super nifty features to make your program stand out.

Queue does just this. It throws in a shadow showing where your piece will hit (don't worry purists, it can be turned off), statistics for all the pieces that come down, your next three pieces to come, how many times you laid a certain number of lines, etc. etc.

Of course, who wants to play just Tetris? The real icing on the cake is the Quadra mode. This throws the element of gravity into the mix, meaning pieces will fall until they land on something, even after you've placed them. This can make more lines, dropping more pieces, causing a chain reaction. Definitely cool.

The only drawback to Queue is a lack of a two player mode. I would love to build up a massive combo and completely bury my opponent. If it had a two player mode it would have a higher score.

I see need for only two tetris clones: ZTetris with its two player mode and Queue with the chain reaction inducing gravity system. If Queue had a two player mode, then ZTetris would not be needed - this game is THAT good.

Review by  Sang Nguyen
Reviewed on 2004-06-20
Game play - 10/10
Speed - 10/10
Graphics - 9.5/10
I love this game!! “Queue” is an addicting game pack that includes a “Tetris-like” game called “Quadra,” which is “Tetris” with gravity, and “Tetris.” The game is very user-friendly and the interface is simple. In “Quadra” mode, you can make chain reactions when bricks drop. My best chain reaction seven (I can't seem to get more :-( ). The playing is surprisingly big, which makes it an easy game (I like easy games). If you don't already have this on your calculator, you should get it now!

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