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Review by  John Wyrwas
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 1/10 You'll play once.. maybe..
Controls: 7/10 Smooth.
Implementation: 1/10 A giant arrow???!!
Overall: 1/10 Not worth it.

In this game, basically you move a giant arrow back and forth and back and forth and back and forth, etc. etc. etc., across the screen trying to avoid 4 bouncing balls and gaining points for each successful journey.

The balls bounce at random speeds but the game is easy since you can move along the bottom or the top edge of the screen to avoid them. The balls bounce in a single spot and don't move from it. The game is simple, and the difficulty never increases.

At almost 2k, Quadroball seems just a waste of good RAM.

Review by  aaron barnhart
Reviewed on 2004-09-13
“QuadroBall” doesn't do much to give people a reason to play it. For starters, there is no challenge. It may have been a challenge if the up and down keys were locked, because the player can simply scroll their "arrow" to the bottom of the screen and slide back and forth while they are paying no attention to the game whatsoever. The balls move in an incredibly obvious pattern, and the game's scoring system is incredibly bad. After all by the time you score 99 points (33 laps, you get 3 pts. per lap) what's the point of even wanting to play it again?

Overall: 2 out of 5

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