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Review by  aaron barnhart
Reviewed on 2004-02-21
THERE ARE MANY better BJ games than this. Aces only count as one in this version and it gets very old very fast. It does have a nice info button you can push to view your stats, though. I just think more people put more time into BASIC versions of BlackJack than it is worth to get this one.

Black Jack gets 3/10

Review by  Matt M
Reviewed on 2004-01-27
I have yet to see a better graphical "Black Jack" for the TI-83+. We need one too. This game is good, but not that good. Let me explain.

Graphically, this game is great for a card game. I especially like the cool title screen effect. Download the game to see what I'm talking about. It's hard to explain. :) The cards are quasi-3D and are well made. The numbers and symbols are easy to see and understand.

The game itself is not very much like Black Jack. The dealer always seems to give me a lot of face cards. I've seen very few number cards while playing this version of "Black Jack". I've seen BASIC Black Jack games better when it comes to the randomness of the cards. This version, though, does include a cool high score screen and a win percentage. :)

If you like the real Black Jack, you'll play this game a lot. If you don't, you won't. It just depends. Although it doesn't provide a help menu, "Black Jack" is easy to play. It's not complicated and it's very straight forward. "Black Jack" is pretty good graphically. It sucks when it comes to realism, though. Download it if you want a pretty card game. :)

"Black Jack" gets a 6/10.

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