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Review by  Hieu-Trung Le
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 10/10 Addictive, but sad when game ends.
Controls: 10/10 Couldn't get any easier.
Implementation: 9/10 Similiar to most RPGs.
Overall: 9/10 Excellent, download it!!!

Guardian is a great RPG game produced by the Chards brothers. In this game, you are a boy going around the area trying to save the towns in the area. Of course, you can't save it alone. Accompanying you, is a dragon.

This game is similiar to most RPGs; you go around in the world map and random battles pop up. During the battle, you and the enemy take turns attacking each other. The monster will get harder and harder as you move farther away from your town. This game also has bosses for you to kill.

The graphics for this game are very good. This game is very unique because while you walk around the world map, there is also a background you can look at, instead of just looking at white spaces. Will these backgrounds slow the game down a lot? Well, I don't think so. Even with the background the page loads really quickly. You don't have to sit there and wait for the game to load.

The controls for this game are fairly simple. To interact with most things, you press the APPS key. In the battle, there will be a menu that pops up asking you what to do. You shouldn't be having any trouble with the controls.

This game is a MUST download if you are an RPG fan or if you are just an average gamer looking for something new and unique. I really like this game and hope that you all can download it and enjoy it just like I did.

Review by  Tristan Halvorson
Reviewed on 2004-07-20
“Guardian” completely rocks. I downloaded it a long time ago when I first started getting calculator games. I put it on my calculator, played it, and completely loved it. Like most BASIC programs, it takes a while to load the first time, and yes, there are a lot of files in it. Download it, though, and you won't be mad at all. It is in BASIC and therefore a little slow, but it's really fun. The battles are a mix between real-time and turn based. You have to wait so long between attacks, but the time between attacks goes down as you level up. By the end, you can attack the enemy three times before they attack once!

There are a few bugs that infest the program, one of them that makes it unbeatable. Be careful when facing the final boss, for one of the bugs makes you play him over, and over, and over, until you quit or die on purpose. If these minor things were fixed up, though, I think it would be one of the greatest game ever written for a calculator.

Graphics: 10/10 The graphics are incredible for any game written in BASIC! The map is graphical, the battles are graphical, and the learnable attacks all have an animation when you use them.

Gameplay: 9/10 It's pretty depressing not being able to beat the game because of a bug, but other than that, you gain levels fast enough to not get completely bored, but not so fast to make the game not a challenge. The bosses are pretty fun to beat, too. The system of learning new attacks is awesome!

Replayability: 6/10 You can only play this game so many times. A few months later, though, you will want to play it again. You will beat the final boss multiple times, and then take the game off your calc, only to put it on later again. The game is awesome!

Overall: 9/10 When comparing this score to those of many ASM games, you realize that it is possible to write a good BASIC program like “Guardian.”

Download this now!

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