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Review by  Ryan Sheppard
Reviewed on 2004-11-22
Attention span: 7/10 If you dont have two players.....
Controls: 9/10 Good, moving is sorta funny though.
Implementation: 7/10 It just needs that thing called AI.
Overall: 8/10 Just the game Ive been waiting for.

Ballistic is a two-player game for the TI-86 calculator. This is one the the best games I have seen. I haven't been able to play it much since I got it but when I have it was amazing, that is if you like games such as Worms(PSX,NINTENDO,DREAMCAST,PC) or the common Tanks game. Unlike most games of its type for TI-XX calculators is that it is in Asm so it runs fast.

This is a turned based strategy where you get to control a tank with limited fuel and weapons. In the game you are a tank that has some movement and you aim your cannon and its power and launch weapons unill someone dies. If you win a macth you get money to buy more powerful weapons such as A-bombs or Rockets. It is very graphical with well done menus. The game controls good and is somewhat sensitive if trying to get an exact power or angle. The placement of the movement bottons is strange[ ( and 0 ) ], yet it is the most logical place if you look at what all you do in the game.

The game has several backgrounds and areas to play in. I found no bugs except that when I play it in MSE it turns the screen white and waits for the enter key to be hit before it goes to shell--scared me to death first time it happened. The game is fun but since you need two players to play you can't play very often. If another version is made, I cant wait for AI oppenents, once done--this will be my favorite game ever.

Review by  Donald Straney
Reviewed on 2004-01-26
This is slightly more than just the average tank-vs-tank game. You can buy different sizes of missiles (even nukes that destroy half of what's on the screen) with money that you gain or lose depending on the outcome of the last round, the landscape AND background change for each round, and the graphics are great-it's fun to watch one of the atomic bombs explode! The game can get boring if you play it for too long, but you can make it more interesting by playing against yourself (if there's no one else to play against), or by blowing tunnels through buildings or mountains. The controls are intuitive and very easy to use-the only exceptions were the "move tank" buttons, which I thought served no purpose, since you can't move the tank very far, and it's easier just to adjust the firing angle.

Altogether, this is a good game and you should at least give it a try-it's only 7 KB.

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