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Number of files 4
Last updated Saturday, 11 May 2002
Total downloads 47,444
Most popular file  ANGELO 3D v4.0 Battle Arena with 26,628 downloads.

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angelo3d.zip23k00-05-13File is not ratedANGELO 3D v4.0 Battle Arena
A CookySoft production. The best doom-like ever done on a TI 89, with different weapons, different very clever monsters, all that in a 3D maze. More over this great game can be played by 2 PLAYERS LINK. New graphics in this version!!
bgg.zip40k02-05-11File is not ratedBlood, Guts & Glory
Blood, Guts & Glory is a World War II first-person shooter with 2 different locations, 2 weapons, cars & tanks you can blow up, and more! Nice graphics, too!
create.zip3k01-06-04File is not ratedX-Wing Commander Mission Creator
Easy-to-use interface to design your own X-Wing Commander missions. (Requires X-Wing Commander to use)
xwing.zip17k01-06-01File is not ratedX-Wing Commander
Work for the Rebel Alliance, flying over 5 different ships, gaining skill and experience through 15 missions until the massive assault on the Death Star with you in command of the Millennium Falcon. 12 ships, backdrops, hyperspace, and more!

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