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555ti84.zip4k14-12-07File is not rated555 Astable Multivibrator
Design or analyze 555 multivibrator circuits. Calculates components, frequency, period, low and high pulse durations and duty cycle. Graphical representation of pulse output. To execute, select AST555 from the prgm menu. See the README file for more details.
acpack.zip9k08-12-06File is not ratedAC Pack v1.01
This program computes information for capacitors and inductors. It was pretty useful when I was taking high school electronics as it helped to not have to do all the tedious computations. Refer to the readme for more detailed information.
aelec.zip1k02-02-16File is not ratedAELEC
electricity - equations, formulas, info for electricity from red glencoe physics book
bbt.zip1k03-08-22File is not ratedBase Biased Transistor Analysis
BASE.8xp Size 612bytes Written by Chris 'Antikid' Martin This program will give you all voltage and current values for a base biased transistor. This file is also in my group of files, but without the documentation
blacksohmslaw.zip1k20-12-31File is not ratedBlack's "Ohm's Law"
A very simple program that will solve for: Power (P), voltage (V), resistance (R), current (I), and Reactance.
calc555.zip1k14-03-13File is not ratedcalc555
This is a simple, but very useful, 555 timer calculator written in TI-Basic. You can calculate values for the astable and monostable topologies.
circuits_89.zip1k18-05-15File is not ratedAP Physics 1 Ohm's Law Relationships
Reference program that tells you the relationships between V (voltage), I (current), and R (resistance) of resistors based on whether the user specifies it's in parallel or series. Does not include anything that's already on the AP sheet.
circuits.zip6k03-07-24File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Circuits
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 5 different equations relating to circuits.
circuit.zip2k03-05-25File is not ratedCircuit oplosser... DUTCH NEDERLANDS
Dit programma dient om elektronische circuits op te lossen. Het is in het NEDERLANDS. Het programma zelf is gebaseerd op Sean Weeks' circuit programma... Ik heb het vertaald en aangevuld. This program is in DUTCH. Its made to solve electronic circuits. It's based on Sean Weeks' program, but I added some stuff and translated it in Dutch. I hope to put the English version on this site in a couple of weeks... (from 24 may 2003)...
circuitz.zip1k08-04-14File is not ratedCircuit
Given voltage and a Circuit Resistor Syntax (CRS) string, this program will determine the overall resistance, the voltages and current of each resistor, and the power overall and for each resistor.
convolutioncalculatorv1.0.zip516k11-01-09File is not ratedConvolution Calculator
In introductory digital signal processing courses, the convolution is a rather important concept and is an operation involving two functions. The word “convolve” means to wrap around. In essence, the convolution of two functions is “sweeping” a function across another function and multiplying their overlapping regions. One function is kept stationary while one function is flipped across the y axis and is then shifted left or right. The amount of shifting depends on the value of n. Since we are dealing with discrete values, we multiply the functions and sum the products to compute the convolution at that point of n. The purpose of this program is to take a set of values for x[n] and a set of values for h[n] and compute their convolution, x[n]*h[n], which results in the output, y[n]. The values of x[n] and y[n] must be discrete and cannot rely upon a formula. In example, the program cannot take an equation in terms of n and compute the convolution that way. You must enter individual values. It is also assumed that the system is LTI/LSI (Linear Time/Shift Invariant).
coulombslaw.zip2k01-12-22File is not ratedCoulomb's Law
This program helps you to find the different components (F, Q or r) you need for the Coulomb's Law. Just give the needed info.
coulomb.zip1k09-10-26File is not ratedCoulomb's Law
enter 2 point charges, and the distance between them, and find the force between the point charges
currents.zip5k03-07-24File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Electrical Currents
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 5 different equations relating to currents.
dcace.zip1k03-08-22File is not ratedDC Analysis Of Common Emitter Amplifier
CMNEMTDC.8xp size 850 Written by Chris 'Antikid' Martin This program will give you DC voltage and current values for a common emitter amplifier WITH swamping resistor. This File even contains a schematic that i used to write the program, to help locate the variables. also included which variables go with what. such as RL-J Rs-R Vcc-V
discap.zip1k20-09-01File is not ratedCapacitor Value Finder
A very simple program that does exactly what it sounds like it does. This program simply has you enter in the three numbers and the letter(s) (i.e. 103K or 3R3K) that are shown on a disc capacitor and the program will find the value of that capacitor. A very simple, easy, and useful program to have.
dzsugar.zip163k05-10-15File is not ratedDZSUGAR
A non-GUI, stripped-down version of the circuit analysis program, PSpice for your TI-83 calculator. solves DC and AC circuits, also finds norton-thevenin equivalence for DC circuits. see included tutorial for more detail
econf.zip1k05-03-13File is not ratedElectron Configuration
calculates the electron configuration for up to 218 electrons. Hg is show below (80)
eir.zip1k10-01-04File is not ratedOHM'S LAW
This program gives you the unknown in OHM's law, when you enter the two known values. Simply press X for the unknown when it is asked for. Only 100 bytes.
electonicengineer.zip2k03-10-05File is not ratedElectricEngineerPack
Includes an program that converts Ohms, KillaOhms, MegaOhms. A program that finds the value of missings variable for Ohms Law and Watts Law, P,I,E,R. And a program the finds the value of a resistor, and the minimum/maximum resist value. All good programs for kids taking a Basic Electronics program or for Electricians who want to make work easier. Enjoy.
electric_00.zip1k09-10-18File is not ratedBasic Electricity Formulas
prompts the variables, calculates, and displays the formulas for voltage, current, resistance, power, capacitance and stored energy
electricfield.zip1k09-11-03File is not ratedElectric Field
enter charge Q, distance R away from the charge, and find the electric field (Newton/Coulomb) at that point
electric.zip6k03-07-25File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Electric Fields
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 6 different equations relating to electric fields.
electri.zip1k03-10-13File is not ratedElectricity
Input all you know and get all that can be calculated, works with: I,U,P,R,E,t,L,A,Rho
electron3.zip10k02-10-28File is not ratedElectron Pro V2.1
Electron Pro V2.1 is a revolutionary engineering/electronics Program and an essential for any high school/college engineering student it features a full base converter, nearly 60 formulas, 20 menus and it is one of the most comprehencive programs from Electron Pro Inc.®
electronccs.zip1k05-12-10File is not ratedElectronics Circuit Current Solver
This is a simple and effective utility used for finding the amount of current (I1, I2, and I3) at certain point in a basic circuit. It is based on Kirchoff's laws.
electronics_44.zip2k06-05-29File is not ratedElectronics Suite 1.0
Electronics Suite 1.0 is my newest program, very well written. Text file in zip folder includes all documentation and explanations about formulas and abbreviations in the program. Solves for over 20 different things involving electronics. If you are in any course about electronics or electrical, this is the program for you!
electronicspr.zip8k03-08-22File is not ratedAll of my Electronics Programs
Ive made these throughout my career as an electronics engineering student at Westwood College of Technology. Some are great, others are incomplete, hopefully when i wrote them i put enough instructions in the program to help you (and myself) figure out how to make them benefit you. i usually put a description at the beginning of each program to tell you what its doing and all that. hope these help someone. ill put them seperately later, but right now i want to go race some F1 Challenge 99-02, with the 2003 mod, which is a GREAT game if you like Formula 1 racing sims. There are a total of 23 programs in this zip file.
electronics.zip1k06-05-20File is not ratedElectronics
File includes Ohm's Law, XSubC, XSubL, Resistor color code.
elec.zip7k10-03-20File is not ratedELEC+
Elec+ : Contient de nombreuse formules de physique sur l’électricité.
emfields.zip6k03-07-25File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Electric & Magnetic Fields
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 5 different equations relating to electric and magnetic fields.
inductio.zip6k03-07-26File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Electromagnetic Induction
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 8 different equations relating to electromagnetic induction.
inversesum.zip1k09-12-18File is not ratedInverse Sum Calculation
When calculating parallel resistors, series capacitors, or series springs, the resistance/capacitance/spring constant are added using the inverse sum rule. The sum is the inverse of the sum of the inverse of each component. Use this program to calculate the inverse sum. Just press 0 when no more components are added. 1/R = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + ... + 1/Rn, for parallel resistors, etc.
lighting.zip4k05-09-25File is not ratedLighting v6 & Lighting v6N
Light6 (Lighting v6) performs 4 calculations essential for the electrical engineering technician or lighting designer: 'Room Cavity Ratio', 'Lamps Required', 'Lamps to Footcandles', and 'Total Fixture Watts'. 'Room Cavity Ratio' is used to look up the 'Coefficient of Utilization' in a fixture catalog, 'Lamps Required' calculates how many lamps are needed to generate the target footcandles, 'Lamps to Footcandles' is used when you realize that you cannot fit the exact 'Lamps Required' into the room and want to know how close your adjusted lamp number is to the target footcandles (should I add or subtract a fixture?), and 'Total Fixture Watts' tells you the total draw of all of your fixtures combined. The program is self-explanatory, and does not contain any notes or display any formulas. Requires 1838 of calculator memory. If you want notes and visible formulas, and do not mind a larger memory footprint, then use Light6N which requires 4238. Students are encouraged to use Light6N. Free software. Use at your own risk. Conrad.
lm317.zip1k14-06-17File is not ratedLM317
Calculate the resistor values for a LM317 voltage regulator circuit.
magnetic.zip5k03-07-26File is not ratedPhysics Solver v1.2--Magnetic Fields
A physics program which will allow you to solve for any variable from 2 different equations relating to magnetic fields.
motor83p.zip1k03-03-04File is not ratedUltimate Motor Helper v2.0
This program is very useful when working with AC induction or DC motors. Ultimate Motor Helper will provide you with the synchronous RPM, breakdown torque, power factor, the value of the starting capacitor required for a capacitor start motor, back EMF, and flux per pole. (Some values only work with specific motors.) All of the information you need for calculations should be on the name plate, except for the number of poles. This number can be determined by a close examination of the stator core. Enjoy! (Note: This program has the distinction of being the first ever to be released on all 12 TI graphing calculator platforms. Yay!)
nernst.zip1k07-12-27File is not ratedNernst Equation/Electronegativity Program
Finishes the nernst formula for finding electronegativity between ions. Includes explanations for each of the numbers represented in the equation.
ohmslaw2.zip1k04-11-20File is not ratedOhm's Law Calculator v. 1.3
A basic calculator that can calculate Ohm's Law without the user having to memorise the formulas.
ohmslaw3.zip1k12-03-17File is not rated~ Ohm's Law ~
BEST OHM'S LAW SOLVER OUT THERE! This is the fastest, simplest, and most useful program for solving for your choice of Voltage (volts), Current (ohms), or Resistance (amperes)! Weighing in at LESS THAN 700 BYTES, this incredibily useful program can save you from hours of useless calculations!
ohmslaw83p.zip1k04-09-04File is not ratedOhm's Law
A basic "Ohm's Law" circuits program with formulas for current, voltage, resistance, and conductance, as well as all units and equations.
ohmslaw.zip1k00-09-17File is not ratedOhm's Law
This is a simple program I created that is user friendly and gives the current, provided you enter the voltage, resistance, etc. A good program for tech. students. Hope you enjoy.
ohms.zip1k01-01-29File is not ratedOhms Law
This program is very simplistic, but gets the job done. Read the info in zip for more info
ohmwatwh.zip1k03-10-06File is not ratedOhm's and Watt's Wheel
This program is great for electronics class. It will find Amps, Volts, Ohms or Watts given any two varialbe. There is also an Easter Egg embeded in the program. Hint: 2712
parallel.zip1k06-12-10File is not ratedCalculate total resistance in a parallel circuit
Use this program to find the total parallel resistance for an electrical circuit containing up to 6 resistors in parrallel. Select the number of resistors in parrallel from the menu and enter the resistance of each resistor in ohms. Answer given is total resistance for all parallel resistors in the circuit.
physic.zip1k08-01-31File is not ratedPhysics and electricity
Great physics program. A must download. Does many conversions, including electricity and density/mass/volume. If any bugs, email me at shoopes@embarqmail.com
powres.zip17k04-06-04File is not ratedPower and Resistance
This program calculates power, amperage, resistance and voltage, ap[lying to their selected formula. See the pics.
rescalc.zip2k06-10-10File is not ratedResCalc
This program allows to calculate the total resistors of resistors placed in seriers or in parallels (sorry for my bad english). / Ce programme permet de calculer la résistances totale de résitances placées en séries ou en paralléles.
rescode.zip2k08-03-24File is not ratedResistor Color Code Calculator
This program will either give you the color code for a specified value or convert either a 3 or 4 band resistor to a value. It auto-scales to both kilo and mega ohms.
resdiv.zip1k14-03-25File is not ratedVoltage Divider Calculator
Simple (resistive) voltage divider calculator.
resist83.zip2k04-01-03File is not ratedUltimate Resistor Calculator v1.0
This program is perhaps the best calculator of resistor color codes ever made. It converts both color to number AND number to color. It can handle inputs such as 4.7K, 2.2M, or just regular values like 33000 or 180. The output is also simplied. For example, if the color bands translate to 47000 ohms, the calculator will output "47K OHM". It will also calculate the tolerance. Enjoy!
resistor_72.zip1k00-06-23File is not ratedThe Resistor Combo Pack v1.0
A program that does colors to numbers and numbers to colors. Works great for resistors. Bug free. I think.
resistorfind.zip2k20-07-06File is not ratedResistor value Finder
A very simple program that does exactly what it sounds like it does. This program has you select the colors of the bands on a resistor and then it tells you what the resistance, tolerance, and temperature (for 6 band resistors) is of a resistor with those color bands. This program works for 4, 5, and 6 band resistors. This program will also, automatically convert the resistance number into Ohms, Kilo Ohms, or Mega Ohms. A very simple and easy program to use.
resistor.zip31k05-04-01File is not ratedResistor
v3.0 Update. See the read me for full info
schematicdiagrammaker.zip22k08-11-29File is not ratedElectronic Schematic Diagram Maker
This is a very user friendly program that will let you draw electronic schematic diagrams. It supports almost every component but is lacking a few - such as the transistor. It does not support digital, yet, and it will not simulate any action for the circuits. All of the documentation is included in the program.
scimathcircuits.zip10k07-09-08File is not ratedSci-Math Circuits
This program calculates the equivalent resistance for a circuit with one battery and any number of resistors. It also calculates the Amps and Volts for each resistor. GUI is included and has support for panning to increase the area for input. Read all readmes for more information.
simpleohmslaw.zip1k03-09-01File is not ratedOhms Law
Very basic ohms law program. Wrote in about 2 min, completly bug free.
solver.zip2k02-10-23File is not ratedElectronics Solver
Electronics Solver will give you the ability to simultaneously solve for voltage current power and resistance, giving you all three formulas for each equation and checking the variables that you set in, it is a very advanced program and a must have for any electronics or engineering student and
tempcoef.zip2k00-10-24File is not ratedResistance & Temp
Designed to help solve problems dealing with Resistance as it varies with Temperature
thunder.zip1k02-03-21File is not ratedThunder & Lightning
Figure out how far a storm is away from you by counting the number of seconds from the Lightning strike to the sound of Thunder!
timecons.zip1k03-05-07File is not ratedTime Constants
Any person deep into the electrinics field would really like this one. I was having a little trouble dealing with the charge and dischargeing of capacitors and coils (Time Constants) so I created this program to assist me during test time. I haven't found anything wrong with it, just some minor bugs like not clearing the graph when you exit the program. I could have fixed it but it didn't really bother me. Anyone is more than welcome to toy with it, its pretty straight forward to understand. Includes both RC and LR formulas as well as a very handy solver utility. Also it includes the Universal Graph as well as a table that gives you the percentages of each constant. Be sure you adjust your "tblset" before running the program to like 1 count. I reccomend a count of 0.5, or somewhere close. Enjoy
tiphysique.zip224k13-11-27File is not ratedTI Physique
TI Physique passe en version 3.1 avec quelque modification et amélioration. Ce programme regroupe l'essentiel des formules de Physique niveau BAC et supérieur suivent le programme d'électrotechnique. Cependant le programme n'ai pas encore fini en revanche plusieurs mises à jour viendront l'enrichir. Un peu de patience, la fin de l'année n'ait pas encore arrivée !! Mais sachiez que je suis seul à faire tous ces programmes et mon temps n'ait pas illimité. Pour toute requête au sujet du programme quel que ce soit, je vous invite de me contacter.
tresist.zip1k10-10-21File is not ratedTotal resistance for parallel circuits
This program will find the total resistance for a parallel circuit with two branches. If you have more branches just pair them up and use as needed.
truthtbl.zip2k15-12-11File is not ratedTruth Table and Logic Expression Evaluator
This is a powerful little program that takes in a logic expression in standard (a+b) or TI (a or b) form. It can then generate your truth table, k-map, or waveform outputs. It's very useful for any digital electronics class or for programming purposes. This update contains improvements to the expression engine and other minor bug fixes. Please see readme.txt for more details.
ultimateresistor.zip1k05-11-10File is not ratedResistor Color Coder
This is the best resistor solver i have, everyone in my school begged me for it. It can solve for 4 band resistors 5 band resistors and can also tell you the specificcolor code for a given resistance ie: input Resistance = 1200 ohms Tolerance = 5 Ouput: Brown Red Red Gold Well Enjoy, there will be more to come. so keep an eye out for them
u_r_i.zip1k10-01-01File is not ratedThis programm calculates voltage, resistance and current
The programm calculates voltage, resistance and current. Simply enter any two values and the program calculates the third!
watts83p.zip1k02-03-08File is not ratedmilliWatt Finder
Enter the volts and milliamps and it tells you the milliWatts.
wiregaug.zip1k05-11-10File is not ratedWireGauge
This Useful app is for Finding Resistance of a Length of Wire, Finding Length (in Feet) of a wire given its area or its Gauge.

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