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Last updated Friday, 21 January 2022
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afactor201.zip2k02-02-16File is not ratedA-Factor 2.01
A-Factor is a program that factors numbers and saves them to list 1. This one is slighlty faster than A-Factor 2.0
afactor2.zip1k02-02-10File is not ratedA-Factor 2.0
A-Factor is a program that factors numbers and saves them to list 1
alldivis.zip1k05-03-09File is not ratedFind All Divisors
This useful program is only 181 bytes, yet it will find every prime divisor of a number that you input. It will take up to 1 minute for numbers up to 8 digits, and about 10 seconds for numbers of 4 digits. This program will output its results on List4, so be sure not to store anything important there before running. Also, this program may take a while to run. Have fun!
aprime1.zip3k11-09-04File is not ratedAPRIME1,2,8&9
APRIME1: This prime factor program is the best compromise between speed and size. With only 146 bytes it tells you that 333667 is a prime in just a little more than two seconds, on an 83 Plus. APRIME2: This prime checker uses a list of 48 numbers, ( LP ) which you need to install on your calculator. It is really fast with smaller numbers, and a big prime like 10566779 is confirmed in just 8 seconds! APRIME8: This program is the same as APRIME1, except that it shows the factors with their power. You never risk running out of screen with this program. APRIME9: This program is aimed for the really big primes. It uses two lists, LP and LQ, which you need to install. The later has 480 numbers in it, and takes up more than 4000 bytes.
aprimedivisor2.zip1k10-07-28File is not ratedAPRIME+DIVISOR2
APRIME: This little program ( 117 bytes ), finds the prime factors of a positive integer, faster than most other programs of this kind, and it does so without skipping any END-commands. A great advantage, since skipping those consumes a lot of memory. DIVISOR2: This program finds the divisors in a positive integer. It does so without skipping any END-commands. It is very fast compared to the ordinary program of this kind, since it is a converted prime factor program. Only 172 bytes.
aprime.zip1k05-11-26File is not ratedAPRIME v.2.1
APRIME is a prime number finder. It is very small and very easy to run. Optimized for SAT I Math and SAT II Math IIC. I've tested it on both tests, and my prime number finder program is better than others because it is small and easy to run. So try it out today for that test.
bprime.zip1k00-08-29File is not ratedPrime Factor v1.0
Highly optimized program will factor a number that you input. Amazing speed for BASIC!
cheat3.8xg.zip144k11-01-19File rated 7.28Cheater v3.0
This is one of the most complete suites of homework help functions in existence, and it's all packed in one program (with an assembly subprogram for some of the chemistry functions). Featuring an easy-to-use menu system, it packs dozens of extremely useful algebra, geometry, calculus, chemistry, and physics functions for middle school, high school and even college courses. Includes 18 different area, volume, and surface area solvers for geometry students, a list of essential trigonometric identities, and many intuitive calculators for many other topics, such as a complete triangle solver. More general features include 326 different unit conversions (in an extremely simple scrollable graphical interface) and many other essential features, such as chemical equation balancing and formula interpreting. Check out the screenshots; you'll be amazed.
curtsfactor.zip587k20-02-03File is not ratedFACTOR
This program finds the integer solutions to the equation of a hyperbola to find divisors/factors of any integer. This update only corrects typos in the documentation and additional information.
divisor3.zip1k10-07-29File is not ratedDIVISOR3&APRIME2
DIVISOR3:This program finds all the divisors of a positive integer. It is extremely fast compared with other programs of this kind. For example: 1 000 000 is handled in 5 seconds on an 83Plus, and only 2 seconds on an 84 or 83P SE! Compare this with your present program and you'll see why you rather want this program on your calc. APRIME2: This program finds the prime factors of a positive integer. It uses a list ( list N ), that you must install on your calc. It is extremely fast since it does not divide with numbers that have a factor 2, 3, 5, or 7.
divisor4.zip1k10-08-04File is not ratedDIVISOR4&5
DIVISOR4: This program finds the divisors of a positive rational number. For example: 144, 30030, 4.55 and/or 2.36. In case it's a decimal number, you get all the divisors of the numerator divided by the denominator. Look at the screenshots. DIVISOR5: This program finds the divisors of a rational number, positive or negative. It has a much bigger capacity than the above program. It uses strings for the larger rational numbers. To convert the numbers, it has a subroutene: NBR2STR, written by Nick King. His author profile: http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/authors/102/10288.html His e-mail address: ( coolamula@hotmail.com )
divisora6.zip1k12-01-31File is not ratedA6DVSR
This program finds the divisors of a positive integer. Based upon a prime factor program, it divides with a list of eight numbers at the same time, so it is really fast. Yet very compact with only 186 bytes.
divisors.zip2k10-08-12File is not ratedTwo Divisor Programs
These programs finds all the divisors of a positive integer, or as you would say: factors, wich is not a correct denomination. There is also a text version of one of the programs in the file. They are converted prime factor programs, and as such extremely fast, compared with the ordinary programs of this type.
divisor.zip1k03-08-26File is not ratedDIVISOR
This program computes all the divisors of a natural number with unsurpassable speed. At only 64 bytes it's a truly elegant program. The other programs don't even come close to matching it.
divis.zip1k04-12-03File is not ratedDivis
Enter a number, and it will tell you all the factors. If you enter 98 it will give you 1, 2, 7, 14, and 49. If the number is prime it will say so.
esfactor.zip1k02-02-10File is not ratedESFactor
Factor any positive or negative interger and find Perfect Square factors -- very useful for polynomial factoring
facquad.zip1k09-03-21File is not ratedFacquad
Factors Ax^2 + Bx + C quadratics with integer coefficients (real numbers only). For example: 18x^2 + 15x - 63. The program gives the GCF of 3 and (2x + 3) (3x + 7). The program returns to the A,B,C inputs if it only finds a GCF with no further factoring.
factator.zip1k03-11-12File is not ratedFactator
Just a simple little program where you input where you input a number and it finds all of it's factors 1 by 1. It even tells you if it's prime.
factcalc.zip2k03-03-17File is not ratedFactor Calculator
This program calculates the integer factors of any number. Fast and reliable. Update REMOVES pointless MirageOS compatibility, which saves space.
factor_04.zip3k13-02-11File is not ratedfactor_04
This program takes a LIST of numbers, separated by commas, and finds all factors of the numbers in the list with a runtime of O(sqrt(n)). This program also tells the user if the inputs are abundant numbers.
factor05.zip1k13-02-18File is not ratedFACTOR05
This program finds the divisors for a set of numbers, and tells wether they are abundant or not. A number is abundant if the sum of its proper divisors is greater than the number itself. 12 is the first abundant number, its proper divisors are: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, which add up to 16. You enter the numbers separated with a comma. More on this at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abundant_number
factor2.zip1k02-02-21File is not ratedFactor thingy program.
This program factors any positive integer and will also add up the factors and tell if the number is prime or perfect. FAST and ACCURATE!!!
factor3.zip1k02-12-07File is not ratedA Super fast factoring program
This is a really fast factoring program, Fixed bug over old vesion
factor4.4.zip2k04-11-04File is not ratedFactor 4.4
In Factor, one enters an integer (positive or negative) and Factor displays all factors of that integer. ie: -30=>Factor=>-5,6,5,-6,-3,10,3,-10,-2,15,2,-15,-1,30,1,-30 Runnable from [PRGM] and MirageOS.
factor4.zip1k02-11-20File is not ratedFactor
Factor is a small (241 Bytes) application that will factor both positive and negative integers in a fairly short time span. It takes about 10 seconds to factor 100 returning both positive and negative integers.
factor_83.zip1k04-12-14File is not ratedFactorizer
The coolest factorization program ever! Works great with a ton of crash reducing features built in. Have fun!
factor.8xp1k03-03-08File is not ratedFactor Program
This is a small program that quickly finds all natural factors of any interger (negative or postive).
factor_afactor2.zip1k04-02-03File is not ratedFactor
Meant to be as a supplement to Rob Gaebler's AFACTOR2, this will convert the matrix output (not very useful) to a list (much more useful) that allows easy access to each factor. If you downloaded AFACTOR2, download this too!
factor_app.zip5k10-09-19File is not ratedAuto Factor!
Need to Factor a bunch of numbers fast? Look no further! This app is so easy to use it's like using a built in TI command. Did you know 9,000 has 47 different factors? you would if you had this app!!
factorcalc.zip11k05-03-02File is not ratedFactorCalc
A very simple program that shows you all of the factors of a number in a range that you specify.
factordes.zip2k04-05-03File is not ratedFactor
This program takes a given number and displays the factors of it.
factorer.zip1k10-08-12File is not ratedFactorer v1.21
This file contains two programs that factors positive integers (finds divisors): Factorer v1.21 and DIVISOR1. Both programs are converted prime factor programs and uses the augment(-command to find the correct number of combinations in between the prime factors they find. As a result they are extremely fast compared to the ordinary factoring programs that simply counts up to the square root of the number.
factore.zip9k12-03-29File is not ratedFACTORe
This Program not only factors an integer N into PRIMES, but also lists its FACTOR PAIRS. For N = 100, you get 2, 2, 5, 5 and 2x50, 4x25, 5x20, 10x10.
factor_finder.zip1k05-06-18File is not ratedFactor Finder v1.0
To find factors of positive integers, display them clearly and store them in L6 for later use. Can also bve used to find prime numnbers. The algorithm that this program uses makes it much faster than many other factor finders. It only searches for half of the factors, while the others are derived from the factors already found.
factorghost.zip1k07-08-21File is not ratedFactorGhost
This is the same as my Factor program, except it runs behind the scenes, and can be used from inside other programs.
factoringjl.zip1k16-03-26File is not ratedFactoring
This program will produce factor pairs for a positive integer. Great for algebra students. Enjoy!
factoringtool.zip1k03-10-23File is not ratedFactoring Program
Factors positive integers. Take a look!
factoring.zip1k10-02-03File is not ratedFactoring
This program asks you a number. It then finds all the factors for that number (low RAM makes it not go as high). While it checks for factors, It displays what percent done it is at the top. You will be able to view the factors in L6 ( Stat, edit, and look at L6)
factoriser.zip7k06-05-14File is not ratedSpeed Factoriser
A blazingly fast routine finds the prime factors of any integer.
factorit.zip2k04-04-30File is not ratedSimple Factor It!
A very easy program to use that will give you all the factors of the input along with the squared value.
factorizer.zip11k04-10-04File is not ratedFactorizer
This program factors integers, decimals, and polynomials. I would like to credit the Haynes Bridge Middle School Math Counts team of 2003/2004 for teaching me how to program.
factornum.zip1k05-03-09File is not ratedFactor! v2
Factors any number and displays the results in pairs.
factorof.zip1k07-08-21File is not ratedFind Factors
This program finds all of the factors of a number. If you need any help, please let me know at stephenafinley@gmail.com.
factorplusdp.zip1k03-03-06File is not ratedFactor Plus
A fast number factorer, great for +SE becuase of higher processor speed but still great for 83+
factorplus.zip1k11-05-13File is not ratedAFACTOR
This program gives you the prime factors, the divisors, and the factor pairs of an integer. It is basically a very fast prime factor program which does the prime factors and the divisors at the same time. The factor pairs are then extracted from the list of divisors. So it's very fast for what it does.
factorprime.zip1k07-12-27File is not ratedPrime Factorization Program
Finds the prime factorization of any positive integer.
factors1.zip1k04-07-11File is not ratedFactor Finder
Finds all the factors of a number. Uses a fast algorithm that will speed up factor finding once it has found half of the factors. Then it will find the rest of the factors using the existing factors.
factorsss.zip1k03-08-22File is not ratedPrime Factors
Finds the prime integer factors of a number. Fast and efficient.
factorsx.zip2k02-02-16File is not ratedFactors X
This program is used to find all the whole-number factors of a given integer. Input the number in the main screen, and in the graph screen, the program will show you what can divide into that number, and how many times.
factors.zip1k06-09-08File is not ratedPrime Factorization
This program computes the prime factorization of a given number. It performs this computation pretty fast. As you can see from the screenshots, the display is really cool. This updated version changes the output for the program.
factorxx.zip8k04-02-03File is not ratedFactor eXpress 2.1
This excellent whole number factoring program is quick and loaded with features! With the new "dual-processing" technology, factoring times are reduced dramatically (see the readme file for more info). New updates in this version include bug fixes and speed optimization. More control has been added to manipulate the speed and interface. Download now to experience the speed and ease of use of Factor eXpress! CAN FACTOR 24,000,000 IN THE TIME THAT IT TAKES THE NEXT FASTEST PROGRAM TO FACTOR 20,000,000.
factor.zip1k01-01-29File is not ratedFactor v1.0
A simple program to find all the factors of a positive, whole number.
fastfactorfinder.zip1k10-05-14File is not ratedFast Factor Finder
Finds the prime factorization of any number of any size — fast!
fastfactor.zip1k03-08-22File is not ratedFactor
Finds the integer factors of a number. Fast and efficient.
fastprimefactorer.zip1k08-11-30File is not ratedFast Prime Factorization
Sometimes it's very useful to know a number's prime factorization. This program will take an integer you enter and break it down into its prime factors, and it will do this very quickly.
hggfactor.zip2k01-06-14File is not ratedFactorization
This Program will find the factors of an integer, the prim factors of an integer, checks an integer for being prim, factorizes quadratic equations and reduces square roots. All functions are fast and esay to access. The program is only 2250 bytes.
integerfactorer.zip4k22-01-21File is not ratedInteger Factorer
This program can find all factors of a number, and can also produce the prime factorization of said number. See the Readme for more information.
isitprime.zip1k11-02-14File is not ratedCheck if number is prime
How to use: Run it by pressign PRGM and then choosing 'PRIME' It will ask you for an input and you enter a number you want to test (is it prime or not) It will then return 'YES' if prime and 'NO' if not prime. www.davidgom.co.cc
isprime_83.zip1k11-02-18File is not ratedCheck if number is prime
This program was made by David Gomes and shall not be released without his permission. How to use: Run it by pressign PRGM and then choosing 'PRIME' It will ask you for an input and you enter a number you want to test (is it prime or not) It will then return 'YES' if prime and 'NO' if not prime. Thanks Zeda for optimizing it! www.davidgom.co.cc
isprime.zip7k06-05-14File is not ratedSpeed Prime
A fast routine to test the primality of a number.
isxprime3.zip3k11-09-29File is not ratedIS X PRIME? 3.0
The fastest prime checker without using any lists of any sort. Will tell you its smallest factor if it is composite.
matprime.zip1k03-06-02File is not ratedMatt's Prime Program
when you input a number from 1-999 it will find that many prime numbers, and will store them to listPRIME
mcfactor.zip1k05-08-10File is not ratedFactor
This is a great program for school. It figures out the factors of numbers. It shows you the ones it figures out as it goes along and then lets you scroll thorough them when it's done. Just don't put in huge numbers, like 500, or it will take forever!
modfactr.zip317k20-02-03File is not ratedModular Factoring 1
This program finds the factors of any positive integer. It takes about 10 seconds to determine that 1,000,003 is prime, and about 3 seconds to find the factors of 1,000,009. MODFACTR is based on my earlier program FACTOR (at https://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/471/47178.html )
modfac.zip317k20-02-03File is not ratedModular Factoring 2
This program finds the factors of any positive integer. It takes about 7 seconds to determine that 1,000,003 is prime, and about 2 seconds to find the factors of 1,000,009. MODFACT is based on my earlier program FACTOR (at https://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/471/47178.html )
myprime.zip1k07-09-05File is not ratedMYPRIME - fast BASIC prime-tester for 83+/84+(SE)
A simple BASIC program entered on the calculator that tells if a number is composite or prime. Briefly tested (one composite seven digit number) vs. "Prime Tester" (http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/328/32864.html), "Prime Number Generator" (http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/300/30076.html), and "Prime Factorization" (http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/218/21812.html) and is faster than all of them.
numfact.zip1k04-02-17File is not ratedNumber Factorer
Really useful number factoring program.
pd.zip1k04-08-19File is not ratedPrime Decomposition
Using a combination of divisibility tests and methods inspired by fermat factorization, this program can find the prime decomposition of a number with remarkable speed and efficiency. Fermat factorization is usefull for factoring large numbers that are known to be the product of two primes relativly close to the square root. For example, this program factors 12240467203 into 100003*122401 in around 10sec. This updated version is more memory efficient than the original.
pfactors.zip1k01-08-05File is not ratedPrime Factors
Find the prime factors of any positive integer.
pfact.zip1k05-07-23File is not ratedPrime Factorization 1.3
PlanMath prime factorization program by Planetar.
pf.zip1k00-10-13File is not ratedPrime Numbers and Prime Factorization
prgmPRIME creates a list of 999 prime numbers using prgmPRIME2 as a subprogram. This takes around 25 minutes. prgmFACTORS executes prime factorization using the list (expressions are okay); it shows the value of the number entered.
png.zip3k03-08-04File is not ratedPrime Number Generator
The program will test a nubmer for being prime or generate a list of primes up to 999 primes. Will test prime numbers 2 to 999999937.
pnu.zip1k12-02-08File is not ratedPrime Number Utility
The Prime Number Utility has two main parts: The Prime Number Tester and the Prime Number Lister. The Prime Number Tester allows you to enter in any number, and it will tell you whether that number is prime or not. The time it takes depends on how big the number is. You then have the option to factorise that number or not. The factorising algorithm isn't particularly fast, but it does work, if you are willing to wait for it. I wouldn't recommend trying to factorise anything over 3 digits, beacause it will take a long time and most likely run out of memory. The Prime Number Lister allows you to create a list of prime numbers up to a number that you specify. The only limit on how many primes you can generate is the amount of memory your calculator has. The Lister will also store the primes into a list for you to work with. IMPORTANT: I have just fixed a glitch where it would think that composite numbers like 17711 (89x199) are prime. I have also fixed another glitch where if the lower factor of a number is an even number greater than two, the factor and its pair would not appear in the list of factors. If you are not using the latest version, please update!
porc.zip1k02-10-23File is not ratedPorc
PORC is a program that you can use to test and see whether a number is prime or composite. The only downfall to this program is that the larger your number is, especially if it is prime, it takes the calculator longer to tell you whether the number is prime or composite. This program however works really well with the numbers that I use!
posfacto.zip4k04-02-09File is not ratedPossible Factors
This program show all factors to get the number you put in. It display, too, if it's a prime. POSFACTO is only 237 big.
ppt.zip1k04-08-20File is not ratedProbabilistic Primality Test
This program is based on Fermat's theorem. You enter a number P and a base A such that (P,A)=1. If P fails for any base than it is composite. If P passes than it is probably prime. A prime will pass for all bases. The program can handle numbers up to around 2000000. It can prove 2029039=1013*2003 is composite in less than 3sec! Under 200 bytes
prfactor.zip1k05-09-08File is not ratedPrimeFactor
This was so fun to make. This will tell you the prime factors of any number you put in. Obvious, big numbers [telephone numbers.] will take a LONG time, but smaller numbers [and some larger numbers.] take about 10 seconds. Email me if you have any problems.
primality.zip7k05-12-01File is not ratedPrimality Tester
My first program, it checks whether or not a number is prime or composite; in other words, its primality.
prime_13.zip1k09-06-10File is not ratedAmazing Prime Number Generator
This amazing machine will generate a list of prime numbers faster than any other program on the market. It's a great way to pass countless hours in math class! If you don't believe me...try it for yourself!!! Unlike other programs, this one has been tested extensively and is made for convenience.
prime2.zip1k00-06-06File is not ratedPrimes
Will finds all prime factors of a number
prime3.zip1k00-09-22File is not ratedPrime Tester v1.10
This program tests to see if a number is prime or not.
prime4.zip1k02-02-21File is not ratedPrime Factorer v1.0
For any positive integer the program returns
prime_58.zip1k21-07-28File is not ratedPrime Finder
This program will determine whether a certain number is prime. If it isn't it will display the closest prime number.
prime83.zip1k00-06-08File is not ratedPrime Number Tester v8.85
ATTENTION ALL ALGEBRA STUDENTS!!! This program is self explaintory. You enter in a number and it determines if a number is prime or not. Then finds the two simpliest numbers (e.g. the simpliest multiples of 150 are 10 and 15; the simpliest multiples of 300 are 15 and 20; a simpliest multipleis the smallest sum of two multiples; the simpliest multiple of 100 is 10 and 10. It is not 1 and 100 or 2 and 50 etc because 10+10=20, 1+100=101, 2+50=52; 20 is the lowest number) that multiply to the inputted number. It tells the time remaining when it is trying to find the multiples, and it also tells you the numbers that divide evenly into the number that are under 20. DOWNLOAD!!! BUG FREE!!!
primea6.zip1k12-01-31File is not ratedA6PRIME
This is the best prime checker I have made. It is extremely fast if the number has two big prime factors, and very fast in every other way. Only 240 bytes.
primeadv.zip1k10-04-04File is not ratedPrime Advanced
Check if a number is prime. This is generation 2 prime checking program. It utilizes multi-threading and can check all numbers in range in no more than a minute (tested on TI-84 Plus SE), a bit more for numbers closer to the large end of the range. This is one of the fastest brute force prime checkers programmed using TI-Basic. This is the export version and more informative during the processing, it is slightly slower than the competition version but much faster than the generation 1 checkers.
primebp.zip2k11-10-06File is not ratedBrent-Pollard Rho Algorithm
APRIMEBP: This is the Brent-Pollard rho algorithm. It is a monte carlo method for factoring composite numbers. Its speed varies because some of the constants are randomized, so the time differs for the same number. In average though, it is a very fast algorithm. It will only give you one factor, which won't always be the smallest one. APRIMEP: This is Pollards monte carlo method which Brent improved upon. It's a lot simpler, but a bit slower. Brent says that he's algorithm is about 24% faster, and that seems correct. APRIMBPT: This is a simplification of Brent's algorithm for which I am responsible. It is not as fast, but it seems to fail less often, ( i.e. retreat to using Pollard's algorithm ).
primec1.zip1k11-04-02File is not ratedPrimeC1
This program is a version of PrimeC that doesn't skip END-commands, wich is useful when you don't have much memory left. Skipping those will consume a lot of memory: up to more than 100 bytes for each one. Tricky numbers will then give you an ERR: MEMORY message, and hence stop your calculation. Not so with this version. You need to run PRCINST first.
primecalc.zip1k13-04-12File is not ratedPrimeCalc
it will just calculate all Primes until you end it!
prime_checker.zip1k11-04-01File is not ratedPRIME
This program will tell if a number is prime or not. Updated version is faster and more efficient.
primechecker.zip1k09-11-07File is not ratedPrime Checker
A simple but fast and powerful program that checks if a number is prime or not. If not, it gives you the first factors.
primecheck.zip1k03-12-22File is not ratedPrime Number Checker
Insert a number, and the program tells you if it is prime or not prime. If it is not prime, it will give you a pair of factors. E-mail Me at ezekielvictor@hotmail.com or AIM me @ zekecoasterfreak (if you e-mail me, please include something like "TI-Programs" in the subject line) -Feel Free To Share This Release .. Make Sure I Receive Credit!-
primechk.zip1k06-09-08File is not ratedPrime Checker
This is the fastest prime checker available for the 83. I've checked the rest, and this one beats them all. The key is that it doesn't check if numbers like 9, 15, 21, etc. divide the number in question. This program ends up checking 1/3 fewer possible divisors compared to most other programs. If the number is composite, it lists a divisor.
primec.zip4k11-04-02File is not ratedPrimeC,PrimeC2&PrimeC3
Three of the fastest prime factor programs for the 83/84 Plus. They use lists with 48 numbers to speed up the process. The later ones also uses another list with eight numbers, to search for numbers within the larger list.
primefactor83p.zip1k09-11-02File is not ratedPrime Factorization 83P
A super-fast, super-small prime factorization program. It's the fastest in its "weight class" at 103(?) bytes. Nothing fancy, it just does what it's supposed to.
primefactorization.zip1k03-10-19File is not ratedPrime Factorization
Does prime factorization on a number very quickly!
primefactor.zip1k03-03-07File is not ratedPrime Factors
Find all the prime factors of a number.
primefast.zip1k03-03-21File is not ratedFastest Basic Primality Tester
This program is the fastest basic primality tester. It can handle any number the calc can handle. All algorithms are designed with maximal optimization.
primef.zip1k02-07-15File is not ratedPrime Factors
This finds prime factors. Doo-whoop. Has trouble if any of the prime factors are extra large, but should be ok for the most part. I didn't steal the idea Mr. Chris Jones. I don't do that. Deal with it, tiger.
primegenerator.zip1k21-08-10File is not ratedPRIME NUMBER GENERATOR TO INFINITY!
This program will work on ANY CALCULATOR THAT RUNS TI–BASIC!!! It will keeping running until you stop it or the calculator overloads. It is 100% accurate, but for larger numbers it will take a while. At just under 200 bytes this program is a MUST! Python edition for TI–NSPIRE and TI–84 PLUS CE PYTHON comming soon, so be on the lookout!
primegen.zip1k21-08-15File is not ratedPRIME GENERATOR VERSION 2.0
This is an update to my first prime generator program. This program works faster than the other one (https://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/476/47664.html).
prime_mini.zip1k08-09-16File is not ratedPrime Number Validator Mini
This is the miniature version of my Prime Number Validator v. 1.1, intended solely for the purpose of being VERY small (program is < 50 bytes!) The program will return 0 if composite and 1 if prime.
primenum2.zip1k05-10-24File is not ratedPrime Number Checker
Input a number and it will tell you whether or not it is prime.
primenum83.zip3k04-07-11File is not ratedPrime Number version 2.00
This is a relatively fast prime number solver for the TI-83+/TI-83+SE. Enter a number and the program tells you whether it is prime or composite.
primenumber.zip4k05-12-10File is not ratedPrime Number
This Prgm will display if a number is prime or not as well as displaying all factors.
primenum.zip1k02-03-28File is not ratedPrime or Composite?
Determines whether given number is prime or composite. If it's composite, this program will display its smallest prime factor.
primenuz.8xg5k03-04-11File is not ratedprimenuz
this program tells if the inputed number is prime. it also has a loading bar, and uses pictures one through 6 for start up screen, modify however you want
primeq.zip2k04-12-01File is not ratedPrimeQ
Based on the Rabin-Miller probabilistic primality test this remarkable program takes primality testing on the TI-83+ to the next level. For large numbers, this program finds primes over 20 times faster than the fastest trial division programs ( e.g. - primec.zip). "Probabilistic" means the program declares a prime with high certainty but not quite 100% due to the existence of composite numbers known as strong pseudoprimes. However, the program will continue conducting tests, approaching 100% ever closer, until a primality proof is established. For large numbers, such a proof is still up to 6 times faster than the fastest trial division programs. As an example, 1013279437 is PROVED to be prime in 16 seconds! Under 400 bytes!
primer4.zip1k01-01-06File is not ratedPrime Number Tester v2.0
This program tells whether the number entered is prime or not, and if it isn't, it gives it's 10 smallest factors. Very nice and not very big.
primes2.zip1k12-09-03File is not ratedPrimes
This program will list out the prime numbers less than a positive integer. Enjoy!
primes83p.zip4k03-03-07File is not ratedPrimes Generator/Tester
This program tests a # for primeness, and it can also generate a list of primes. It's amazingly fast for BASIC.
primesiv.zip1k10-12-19File is not ratedPRIMESIV
PRIMESIV is a program that can find prime numbers between two given parameters.
primesolve.zip1k03-07-04File is not ratedPrime solver
A VERY useful program where you easily test a number for prime number or not, it works on every number that isn't too big (you can calculate really big numbers too, if you change the code) and is very easy to use. Simple programming makes it also easy to read and learn from. Download now and please enjoy!!
primes.zip1k02-02-20File is not ratedPrimes Programs
This zip includes 3 programs, one to prime factor a number, one to factor it, and one to test if it is prime (fast!).
primetester2.zip1k02-06-04File is not ratedPrime Tester 2
2 times faster than the original
primetester.zip1k02-06-04File is not ratedPrime Tester
This tests a number to see if it is prime. Pretty fast, and handles big numbers usually pretty quickly. 100% accurate, I assure you :-)
primetestxl.zip3k04-03-07File is not ratedfastest BASIC prime tester, XL-version
This little program check within a second if 997 is a prime(yes) or 1412857 in about 20 sec. It's with an counter that shows you for the case that the number is a prime how far it is (in %). Look at the screenshots and have fun.
primetestxs.zip2k04-02-19File is not ratedFastest BASIC Prime Tester
This little program check within a second if 997 is a prime(yes) or 1412857 in about 20 sec. It's with an counter that shows you for the case that the number is a prime how far it is (in %). Look at the screenshots and have fun.
primetst.zip1k05-09-08File is not ratedPrimeTest
This is quicker than prime factor, but it only tells you if the number is prime or not. Not much else. Still kind of a neat program. Email me with any problems or ideas.
primev.1.0.zip1k04-01-02File is not ratedPrime 123
Prime 123 finds the prime factorization for any number.
primevalidator.zip1k08-09-15File is not ratedPrime Number Validator v. 1.1
A very small and very fast prime number validator. Tested prime number 9888881 against "Prime Tester" (http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/328/32864.html), "Prime Number Generator" (http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/300/30076.html), "Prime Factorization" (http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/218/21812.html), "MYPRIME" (http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/401/40182.html) and beat them all--in fact, MYPRIME, the fastest was beaten by a whole 10 seconds!
prime.zip1k99-10-27File is not ratedPrime
This tests for prime numbers, it is the fastest I've ever seen for the calculator.
primferm.zip2k19-08-17File is not ratedPrimes with Fermat
This program utilizes the fact that if you have two positive numbers A and B, and sqrt(B^2 - A) is a positive integer, then B - sqrt(B^2 - A) and B + sqrt(B^2 - A) are factors in A. If A has two factors, ( which may or may not be prime numbers ), B is ( F1 + F2)/2, where F1 is the smallest factor. This is known as Fermats factorisation method. So B is always bigger than or equal to sqrt A and smaller than or equal to F2. Therefore this method is extremely fast when the two factors are of similar size. However it is just as slow a way, when there is a big difference in size, compared to an ordinary program, and so this program also features a very fast conventional program, which counts up much faster than the ordinary one. Enclosed is a link to a Wikipedia article on the subject.
primfktr.zip1k09-06-10File is not ratedPrimefktr
Prime Factor (primfktr) will give you the prime factorization for many numbers.
prlist1.zip2k11-01-09File is not ratedAPRLIST1,2&3
These three programs find the prime numbers in an interval of your choice. The first two consist of two programs each, one for short intervals, and another for longer ones. This makes them very fast for their purpose. The third program uses a list ( LP ), with the prime numbers between 1 and 1000. ( You need to install it on your calc. for the program to work. ) It has three subprograms. One that uses the list, another for longer intervals beyond the list, and a third for shorter intervals, beyond the list.
prlist2.zip2k11-05-13File is not ratedAPRLIST4,5,6,7&8
These programs are built around another concept than my programs in prlist1.zip. They are very compact and fast. Number 4 and 6 give the prime numbers from 2 and onto a number you enter. Number 5 and 7 give the primes within an interval that you specify. Number 8 consists of two programs, one for longer intervals below 10 000, and one for shorter intervals and above 10 000.
pseutwo.zip1k05-09-08File is not ratedPsuedoPrime
This will tell you if two numbers are pseudoprime. It's not really all that useful, but I like playing with it.
ptest.zip1k04-07-04File is not ratedSuper Fast Primality Test
The name says it all
quikfactor.zip1k04-03-29File is not ratedQwikFactor
Prime factorization won't be a chore any longer with QwikFactor. Fast and easy factorization make this the premier prime factorizer.
relprime.zip1k07-01-27File is not ratedRelatively Prime
Two numbers are said to be relatively prime when they share no other divisor but 1. This little program gives you their greatest common divisor in an instant. A text version is also included.
roots.zip1k09-12-26File is not ratedPrime Factors
This is Final Version if there are any bugs email doboy0@gmail.com with program and problem This program comes with no warranty whatsoever For instructions how to use visit youtube.com/doboy What does it do? Finals prime factors of a given number How to use 1)Run program (press PRGM then press ROOTS) 2)Program will prompt for a number so that it can find its prime factors then program will display prime factors Known Problems Will get hanged up for a while if given a large prime number
simpleprime.zip8k03-06-26File is not ratedPRIME
PRIME is a simple program that will tell you whether or not a number is prime, and if it is, it will tell you the smallest number other than "1" that it can be divided by. There are better "Prime" programs out there, but it is all your choice on whether or not to download, isn't it?
tenchiprimes83p.zip1k02-08-02File is not ratedPrime Numbers
Just enter any number as big or as small as you want, and then the program would find all the prime numbers between the number you had putten in and 1. Then, it will display all of it out to you.
veryfastprimefactorer.zip1k12-03-24File is not ratedA Very Fast Factoring Program
This is easily one of the fastest programs, can factor a 6 digit semiprime (product of 2 very close by primes) in under 30 secs.

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