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Picross 82 & 85 Released
Posted on 16 August 1998, 15:44 GMT

[Picross Screenshot]
Andreas Ess and Sam Heald have released Picross v1.0 Beta for Usgard and Picross v1.0 Beta for Ash, respectively. Sam ported the TI-82 version from the TI-85. Picross is a puzzle game, originally found on the Nintendo Gameboy, where you must draw pictures according to numbrs. This game can get very challenging when the time gets shorter and the images get harder. Both of these versions contain 54 levels, level selection, and bugfixes over the previous version.


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Re: Picross 82 & 85 Released

Does anyone know if there is going to be a feature where you put x's where you are sure you aren't goint to put black boxes?

     20 August 1998, 23:04 GMT

Re: Re: Picross 82 & 85 Released
Andreas Ess
(Web Page)

This is a pretty good idea. Actually never though of it. I guess that I'll implement it in the next version.

     21 August 1998, 09:17 GMT

Re: Picross 82 & 85 Released

Is there going to be a release with more than 50 seconds to play? Not trying to be whiny, but gameboy gives you half an hour.

     21 August 1998, 19:49 GMT

Re: Picross 82 & 85 Released
Evil Sam
(Web Page)

The current 82 version of Picross on ticalc.org is bad! It will randomly crash your 82 on the TIME'S UP screen. The new version will be availible at the Icarus Productions homepage listed above soon.
If a ticalc.org representative reads this, will you please email me, I'll send you the correct version to upload.

     17 August 1998, 03:29 GMT

Re: Re: Picross 82 & 85 Released
Evil Sam

The fixed version is now at ticalc.org!

     17 August 1998, 19:58 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Picross 82 & 85 Released

Does anyone know if the 85 version of this game will work on ti-86 with ase?

     17 August 1998, 22:35 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Picross 82 & 85 Released

I think somebody said that it wouldn't

     17 August 1998, 23:26 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Picross 82 & 85 Released
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

Hehe, yeah, that was me talking about 0.91. ;)

Neither does Picross 1.0 work with ASE, this one will play a little longer, but will not work. Sorry. One day I'll help work with Andi on this, I hope.

     18 August 1998, 07:30 GMT

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