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ZTetris Optimization Craze
Posted on 16 August 1998, 05:23 GMT

[ZTetris Screenshot]
The ZTetris optimization craze continues as Sam Heald just released a new ZTetris v1.2 for CrASH. This version, the smallest ZTetris on any calculator, is only 3,247 bytes. Sam will continue to optimize both versions of ZTetris for the TI-82. This could also mean that Ahmed El-Helw will continue to optimize the TI-83 versions. Expect an Ash v3.1 version that is under 3,000 bytes to be released simultaneously with Ash v3.1.


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Re: ZTetris Optimization Craze

If you could... you should take the old 85 code and re-work that over till it becomes a-LOT SMALLER!! It's quite large and if I use it on my 85 then it takes up over 4,000 bytes which is very valueable on a ti-8x.

Also if you could use a broken ti-82, I have one.
Then if you would like to increase my RAM by adding the internal memory chip so that i have two memory platforms on my calc that i was just reading about...I have money and I will pay you to do this. >>
>> Just email me jjinfinity@hotmail.com <<<<

     18 August 1998, 19:38 GMT

Re: Re: ZTetris Optimization Craze
Mannyyy  Account Info
(Web Page)

Second comment!

I'd like to see a Tetris game on my 92+ with AMS2.03 and HW2.

     26 December 1999, 06:04 GMT

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