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Preview of Bomberbloke
Posted on 12 August 1998, 02:54 GMT

[Bomberbloke Screenshot]
Matthew Shepcar is currently developing Bomberbloke, a Bomberman clone for the TI-86. Features include grayscale graphics, 13 different powerups (megabombs, shields, flamethrowers, speed increases, etc.), 6 types of monsters, monsters that can lay eggs and hatch into new monsters, five bosses, and 25 levels. There will also be multiplayer support with two players on one calculator, and even link play so four players can play at once. Matt is aiming for a public release sometime in September.


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Re: Preview of Bomberbloke

I...Can't take the wait.
I didn't think much about the bomerbloke game till I tried bomberman.
now I can't wait much longer for the bomberbloke. How much longer will it be.
please reply someone.

     26 September 1998, 13:45 GMT

Re: Preview of Bomberbloke
Mike M

If you need some more Beta Testers please let me know. I'd love to beta test this!!! So far the game looks cool, it should be right up there with Vertigo, and Super Mario 86!!!


     12 August 1998, 03:30 GMT

Me too!

I would also like to be a beta tester, so let me know too.

     16 August 1998, 03:52 GMT

Re: Re: Preview of Bomberbloke
Alex Lash

if you're still adding beta testers, add me PLEASE! Big bomber-fan.

     18 August 1998, 02:28 GMT

Re: Preview of Bomberbloke

Let me just say, this game looks like an instant classic! It looks better then the one that is about to be released on the TI-92. I was just wondering if you were looking for some beta testers. If you are, please e-mail me!

     12 August 1998, 04:14 GMT

Re: Preview of Bomberbloke

This game looks great, like all of your other programs. Just like the two guys above me, if you still need ANOTHER beta tester, I would be honored to do it.

     12 August 1998, 04:20 GMT

Re: Preview of Bomberbloke
Matt Kocin

i gotta say ive always loved bomberman and when i saw it was coming out for the 92, i was getting jealous, but now its coming out for the 86, it made me happy it looks like a great game, the graphics look great, almost as good as the 92 graphics, if this game is as good as your other games, i cant wait for it to be released

     12 August 1998, 04:32 GMT

Re: Preview of Bomberbloke
Zak Kochis

This Game Looks Really Good Same as the last guy if u need beta testers just email me i'll do it keep up the good work


     12 August 1998, 04:43 GMT

Re: Preview of Bomberbloke

This game looks great. you've already made vertigo wich is a great game and now bomber man. If you would like a beta tester I would love to.

     12 August 1998, 04:46 GMT

Review of Bomberbloke
Dark Ryder

Well, I've seen one of the earlier versions of this game (you guys should hang out on #ti...), and it ROCKS! One thing bugged me, though: you can't turn off the grayscale. I think it would be cool to release a 2-color and a 4-color version of the game.

     12 August 1998, 04:50 GMT

Re: Review of Bomberbloke
Mike M (again)

I think programmers shouldn't release betas of game only on IRC, because a lot of us out here don't have irc. I know you'll probably just give us the location of the best site to download the software, but, I've tried that and when I try to use it with aol, it won't connect. So don't go telling us to hang out on #ti when I personally couldn't even if I wanted to!

     12 August 1998, 05:06 GMT

Re: Re: Review of Bomberbloke
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

I think it is ok for programmers to release betas whenever and wherever they want.

If you want the best site to download TI games, your looking at it =) (and you also seem to be connected)

     12 August 1998, 05:22 GMT

Re: Re: Review of Bomberbloke
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

Sorry, I misunderstood part of your comment there. If you are looking for a good site with IRC software, check out mIRC at http://www.mirc.co.uk/

     12 August 1998, 05:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Review of Bomberbloke
Mike M (yet again)

I've been there, and I've downloaded the software, I've even installed it, it's just that for some reason, neither the 32-bit version and the 16-bit version work (I'm running win95). I've tried re-downloading, and re-downloading, time and time again. It will always give me an error saying unable to connect to IRC server, no matter what server I'm trying to connect to. So simply put I CAN'T connect to IRC. (Yes my IP address and port/proxy settings are all correct) So maybe some day programmers will realize that some people just can't connect to IRC, and they'll start releasing public betas on the net.


     12 August 1998, 07:33 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Review of Bomberbloke
Nathan Haines
(Web Page)

Hmm, well, check your identd settings under options, or also I believe that AOL has some EFnet servers (don't know for sure, sorry).

I myself use Visual IRC, which I like. That's at http://virc.melnibone.org/virc/. You might have some more luck with that (but I doubt it, with the problem you describe).

Well, as for releasing public betas to IRC, IRC betas /aren't/ public. :) If they were public, then they would have been distributed on ticalc.org or another website. A certain type of people hang out on #ti: certain programmers and a couple of ticalc.org staff (but #ti is not affiliated to ticalc.org in any way). There's a regular crowd there, so you know to whom you're giving the game.

     12 August 1998, 07:47 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Review of Bomberbloke
Mike M (again)

I tried Virc97 and it got me just as far as the other client programs. It tried to connect and then gave me the error (connection Reufsed) and that was while trying to connect to an AOL EFnet server. So then I went and checked the identd settings and nothing happened. Please help if you can.


     12 August 1998, 21:53 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Re: Review of Bomberbloke
Bryan Rabeler
(Web Page)

Make sure you are trying to connect to an AOL EFNet server...the others won't work for you.

     12 August 1998, 07:50 GMT

Re: Re: Review of Bomberbloke
Harper Maddox
(Web Page)

If you knew how much easier it was to distribute a game on IRC, then you would understand. Thats why people like Scabby(matt shepcar) and myself distribute games on irc. BTW, anyone can come and get a zelda demo from myself, my handle is Geori.
If anyone would like to know how to get on irc then look no further than http://ti-files.gsu.edu/irc/

     12 August 1998, 16:10 GMT

Re: Re: Review of Bomberbloke
The Great aArdvark!

Everyone PLEASE stop chatting on the news articles. LSmallon99 contacted me and we solved the very simple IRC problem. There's no need to post help on here any more, or even in the first place, (especially when you have no clue what you're talking about). :P

     12 August 1998, 22:31 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Review of Bomberbloke
Mike M (Still again!!!)

Thank you aArdvark, for saying what needed to be said. I didn't mean for people to post comments, to help me, that's why I put my e-mail address down! Now maybe we can get back to Bomberbloke!!!


     13 August 1998, 00:14 GMT

Re: Preview of Bomberbloke

I would love to be a beta tester for this game.

     12 August 1998, 04:58 GMT

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