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Mini-Shell v0.8 Released
Posted on 11 August 1998, 04:59 GMT

[Mini-Shell Screenshot]
The TI-86 community has been bombarded with seven releases of Mini-Shell in the last four days. The latest, version 0.8, was just released by Chicane. Versions 0.71 and 0.72 were released only a couple hours ago. The current version is only 499 bytes. New is the correct display of free memory and the display of program sizes. One thing to note, Mini-Shell displays the actual program size, not including headers and filenames. This could be confusing to users since the size won't be the same as in the RAM menu. Also, the contrast changer was taken out to save space, since _getkey has it built in. A few bugs have been found in this version. Here is a list so far:

  • Mini-Shell does not work with Super Mario 86. The calculator will lock up, but not crash.
  • The free memory display sometimes shows weird things.
  • Mini-Shell gives an error when trying to run protected BASIC programs.


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Re: Mini-Shell v0.8 Released

Hey all, chicane here.
Just wanted to explain the Mini-Shell bugs a little further.
1. Super Mario 86 locks up the calculator when returning to Mini-Shell. I think it has somehting to do with the interupts used in the program.

2.I am not sure what causes the Free Memory problem, but to fix it, just exit from Mini-Shell, and press 2ND, then Exit, then Enter to run the program again. The Free Memory should now be displayed corectly.

3. As with all ti-86 shells, i have used the built in rom routines for detecting what kind of a program is selected.(asm or basic) however, the rom call which is used to do this detects uncompiled assembly programs as basic, and edit-locked basic programs as assembly.
I have figured out a way to fix this, but it will not be implimented in Mini-Shell, because of size restraints.
Besides, all of the Edit-Lock Programs that i have seen are pretty worthless anyway, plus you can just un-lock them before you send them to the calc if it is a big deal.
Thank you for using Mini-Shell!!

     11 August 1998, 05:32 GMT

Re: Mini-Shell v0.8 Released
Steve Russell
(Web Page)

Enough with all the new versions, please. Wait a few days between new releases being publicly available, not a few hours. It'll give you more time to work the bugs out.

     11 August 1998, 21:33 GMT

Re: Re: Mini-Shell v0.8 Released

Actually, i think that is is a neat new first to see the evolution of a shell like that, whats wrong with having so many versions, it makes it exciting, like cars!

     12 August 1998, 04:29 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Mini-Shell v0.8 Released
Dark Ryder

Hear, hear!

     12 August 1998, 05:59 GMT

Re: Re: Re: Mini-Shell v0.8 Released
Steve Russell
(Web Page)

The problem with multiple releases is that its unprofessional. Quick releases means that the author has little time to test for (potentially dangerous) bugs and it forces users to constantly download and update their software.

     12 August 1998, 20:38 GMT

Re: Mini-Shell v0.8 Released
John Hughes

hey, I think that if you took the program name and made it a string then added the length of the string plus a prog size then you might get better results on the displayed program size. I think there is a certain number that a prog will automatically take up to figure that out make a one variable named program go to delete it and check the size. Subtract 1 from that # and you will have that automatic #. for the total prog size use the number that you get and add the string size then add that "automatic number". hmmm, that sounds like a song by Real McCoy. {Automatic Lover}

     13 August 1998, 01:45 GMT

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