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Expander II Driver Ported to the TI-85
Posted on 28 July 1998, 23:55 GMT

Bryan Rittmeyer has ported his Expander II Driver software to the TI-85 for Usgard. The driver software is now available for the TI-85, TI-86, and TI-92. Bryan is looking for someone to make TI-82 and TI-83 ports.

The Expander II is a memory expander device that adds 512K memory to any TI graphing calculator that has a link port and the driver software. The cost is about $40. For more information, check out The Expander II Home Page.


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How to port for the Expander II
R. Blewitt

I will gladly port the expander drivers to the 82/83, but I need Information on how to do it. If someone can e-mail me with instructions on how to port a program. I have plently of time to do the task. I just need someone to give me instructions.

R. B.

     9 April 1999, 18:32 GMT

Re: Expander II Driver Ported to the TI-85
Patrick Bambrough

Could someone please port the 85/86 driver to the 82/83

     23 August 1998, 23:56 GMT

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