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Review by  ernie cole
Reviewed on 2019-03-30
Do you want a strategy game for your calculator that looks and plays like it should be on your phone? well here you go!

graphics 10/10

Wonderful grey-scale graphics even on my TI-83 plus

gameplay 8/10

Just a little tedious with troop movements sometimes

size 9/10

it's not small, but it is small when you realize how much is in it!

overall 9/10

Review by  Someone Unknown
Reviewed on 2014-11-19
I tried this on my TI-84 Plus, and the message popped up say I need xLib. I already have xlib, so I just deleted the lines in the code, and ran it. Then the game crashed, clearing my RAM. YAY! Long story short, be careful.

Review by  Josh Gregory
Reviewed on 2011-01-24
This is a great game. Good graphics, awesome gameplay. What's more to say?

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